349 Pokemon Players Arrested, Hunting Monster While Driving

349 Pokemon Players Arrested

Pokemon game is phenomenal. Game created by Niantic has been “poisoned” all the professions. Game-based augmented reality is as capable of controlling the lives of the trainer. Not surprisingly, many agencies in some states prohibit play games unstoppable this development. One is Taiwan.

349 Pokemon Players Arrested

As reported Shanghaiist, the Government of Taiwan made it illegal for people who play these games while driving. for anyone who caught this play games while driving will be fined 3,000 NTD, equivalent to $96. While bikers were caught playing a Pokemon games while driving will be fined 300 NTD, equivalent to $9.6.

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In addition the authorities in that country, also prohibits the trainers play these games along the railroad tracks, in the train station or elsewhere that could cause accidents.

The Ministry of National Defense also warned people to stay away from military bases, camps and other restricted areas. Although only two days released in Taiwan, a total of 349 drivers were arrested for driving while playing Pokemon.

Pokemon Game is controversial. On the one hand, this game is considered positive benefits for the onliner. With games that require trainers to walk to catch the monster, gaming is claimed to be healthy and make slim.

Besides these games are also able to force a reluctant onliner hang out for walks and meet with new people. As for the cons, this gym has claimed many victims. Starting from those hit by cars, plunged into a ravine, until someone kicked in because the other person entering the grounds without permission.


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