5 Things you should know before purifying your Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO


With the new release of the new Special Research “A Troubling Situation,” many Pokemon GO players are scrambling to find the dark Pokestop that Team Rocket as taken over. The following are five simple tips to consider before purifying your Shadow Pokemon within the game.

#5 – Once you purify your Shadow Pokemon, it cannot be undone.

When we captured the latest Shadow Pokemon Charmander, we quickly purified him to complete the task “Purify 3 Shadow Pokemon.” Upon completing the task, we realized there’s no turning back since once you purify a Pokemon, it’s not reversable. Once you purify your Pokemon, it cannot be turned into a Shadow Pokemon again. It’s a one-way street.

Before: Shadow Pokemon Charmander before purification.

#4 – Don’t power up your Shadow Pokemon. The IV will change when you purify it.


To save yourself Stardust and candies, we highly recommend that you hold off on powering up your Pokemon until you have traded them or are sure you’re not interested in trading them. Our observation shows that it raised the HP and Defense by 10% after purification. We have placed screenshots of the exact same Pokemon before and after purification. From our experience, Shadow Pokemon can be as low as level 1 and as high as level 30 upon catch. We believe that this means that the algorithm of RGN within the game does not care if the Pokemon is shadow or non-shadow when generating the Pokemon.

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#3 – Battle and catch as many Shadow Pokemon before purifying. You may find that the Pokemon captured is very good already!

When I was battling the Team Rocket Invasion stops, I realized that I was able to obtain two Charmanders at 93% IV identically. In the screenshot provided next to this text, you can observe that the Appraisal already showed that the caught Charmander is a 15 Attack. With purification, this IV may go up. However, if I were to trade these Charmanders, an IV re-roll is very possible. I saved my lower IV and lower CP Shadow Pokemon for purification to complete the Special Research Tasks.

#2 – If you trade your Shadow Pokemon after purifying, an IV re-roll will impact the Pokemon’s final transfer.

After: Shadow Pokemon Charmander after purification.

It’s widely known that when you transfer a Pokemon to another player, the IV and the specs of that Pokemon are re-rolled. If you plan on trading in hopes to get a lucky Shadow Pokemon, you must purify before the trade.

#1 – Save your Shadow Pokemon for lucky trades!

One of our favorite features of the game is the idea that you can obtain a Lucky Trade with a Best Friend. If you save a Shadow Pokemon for a guaranteed Lucky Trade, the IV floor could go as high as 14/14/14 after purification. We’ve saved a few Pokemons for this very instance!

Did you have a tip you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.



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