5 Ways to Improve Level Faster in Pokemon Go

pokemon go levels

Just like in the television series and the previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Go players must actively seek out and catch all kinds of Pokemon that appear wherever they are. However, capturing Pokemon is just one aspect of why these games are very interesting and addictive.


pokemon go levels

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Just as Ash Ketchum whose ambition is to become the best and strongest Pokemon trainer, you definitely want to increase the level of Pokemon Go trainer you as soon as possible, is not it?

Why should quickly? The higher your level, the greater the chance you to discover and catch Pokemon more powerful CP and type.

We summarizes the most rapid and efficient way to increase the level of your trainer in the Pokemon Go. Check out the summary below.

1. Capture Everything!

Fastest and most effective way to improve XP is capturing Pokemon in as many games. This certainly fits with the Pokemon tagline “Gotta Catch Em ‘All”. Each Pokemon that you catch will produce 100 XP.

When you want to get extra XP, you can deflect Pokeball and wait for the circles around Pokemon shrink when going to catch. Nice Throw will get 10 XP, Great Throw 50 XP, and Excellent Throw 75 XP. In addition, every new Pokemon captured will give you 500 XP.

2. Incubate the eggs!
Such as potions, Pokeballs, and other items, Pokemon eggs can be found in various PokeStop locations. To incubate the eggs, you must use an incubator and a distance – 2km, 5km and 10km – depending on the Pokemon egg.

Each Pokemon eggs hatch, you will get 200 XP. Especially when the egg is apparently no Pokemon in your Pokedex.

3. Evolution Pokemon
When catching Pokemon, you’ll get candy. Each Pokemon require a certain amount of candy before it can evolve.

Get candy for evolution does not take long. Therefore, whenever Pokemon evolve, you will get 500 XP.

4. Practice and Fighting in Gym
The gym is a great place to “harvest” XP. If your level is still low, find a gym that fits your team and start practicing in the gym to get the extra 50 XP.

Not only that, Gym level of your team will be higher each time it is used for practice. However, when the gym is that you find have belonged to an opponent, you can still get extra XP. Requirement is, you have to win against all Pokemon that keep Gym, so that you will get 100 XP.

5. 1000 XP Per Minute!
Before doing this last step, make sure you have the Lucky Eggs. What was Lucky Eggs? This is an item that will double the XP you will be able to – for 30 minutes – twice as much.

The best time to use the Lucky Eggs is when you will catch and evolve Pokémon. There must be a certain type of Pokemon, Pokemon types such as Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpies, Weedles and Doduo – do you think annoying – you can use to get high XP.

Here is a complete list of XP that you can get in Pokemon Go
500 XP – Capturing new Pokemon
500 XP – evolve Pokemon
200 XP – Incubate Pokemon
150 XP – Beat Pokemon trainer at Gym
100 XP – Capturing Pokemon
100 XP – Excellent Throw
100 XP – Fight with Pokemon Trainer in the Gym
50 XP – Defeat Pokemon during training at the Gym
50 XP – Visit PokeStops
50 XP – Great Throw
10 XP – Nice Throw
10 XP – Curve Ball

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