6 Tips and Tricks for Grind Sessions in Pokemon Go

grind sessions tips

Hello everyone we’ll be going over today six tips and tricks for your gliding sessions in Pokemon go. All the following tricks will help you keep the momentum going to make best use of your time doing a grind session.

grind sessions tips

First tip is a quick great throw. Now like most of you views they’re prodigies nation, set the circle before we throw however this is a quicker easier way to move forward. When you’re doing grind sessions, trying to get double experience quadruple experience basically if a Pokemon attacks.

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This can happen immediately as soon as you get into into the catch screen or you can even wait good 30 seconds to a minute form an attack and it always will be set up as a great throw. It’s neat little thing I noticed. So the Pokemon attacks no use waiting setting the circle and throwing the ball you can just quickly throw the ball and get you a great throw.

It will always be set up as a great throw as long as you don’t touch the pokeball on the screen. Touching a pokeball on the screen will set the circle to the edge and at that point you will have to use a prodigies nation trick. You can use berries, you can switch your pokeball to great ultra that won’t affect it, but if you start to move your pokeball as if you’re going to catch it, that will reset your circle and it will no longer be a great throw.

This is just suggested to get the momentum moving forward to get through as many pokemon as possible. If a Pokemon attacks as soon as you get in the catch screen to just immediately throw the pokeball, a name for a great throw and it will be great throughout every single time.

Second tip is the one swipe curve. All you do is make a u-shape. As you see on the screen here it’s his guarantees a curve bonus and you don’t waste the time of spinning the ball several times before throwing it.

It also helps keep the momentum up. I just get getting into catch screen swiping throwing the ball and moving on to the next one,instead of sitting there curving the ball and then throwing the ball, saves at least one to two seconds per catch and that really does add up in the end.

The third one, I went over in a previous video you can watch it right over here on the side. After this video is done, it’s a side catch basically you’re using instead of a curved motion, you’re using an up and down motion to create the curveball throwing on an angle.

On the inside depending on the left or right side and then the ball will curve naturally back and hit the Pokemon. Basically I figured is that the angle of the pokeball affects. How it will hit horizontally and the height in which you release it, will affect and how as verticality is.

So basically throwing it too short of an angle, will get it not be able to hit the Pokemon too far of an angle. It’ll completely fly over the Pokemon to the right of the screen or left through the screen. It won’t hit them at all. You’re just got it right that sweet spot and there’s a bit of practice and you’ll get a hang of it.

It’s good for days like this especially if you play and the parks for Community Day. Some parks have lakes and lakes have water. Pokemon and those water poker movie to decide and you don’t want to be sitting there waiting for the Pokemon to move back to the center to throw or he did throw.

When he’s on a side but they don’t get the curveball bonus where you missed a great throw and it just jumps right out. This will just make it quicker to catch the Pokemon to move on to the next one.

The fourth tip, I myself have always hoarded raspberries always had at least 150 maybe 200 at a time. You don’t really need that much. So you can save up them if you want 150 200 of them but when you do community daze grind sessions to get experience just use them on any pokemon.

That has an orange ring or darker than that. guaranteed every time just to help think move things along just thrown the ball and on a red circle or orange circle. You might catch it but you may take 10 tries with  raspberry shorten those tries and I’ll get you moving forward quicker.

Number 5, this one many of you know, I don’t do it myself but I would from now on by myself going to do this hatch one egg at a time. It’s quite annoying to have a whole bunch of eggs hatching at one time. Now the youtubers do it because they want to quickly show you all the eggs that they hatch at once.

So that makes sense and then it’s kind of nice to see one at a time but say you got this really rare Pokemon Tyranitar it’s just for the heck of it and it’s got a D spawn time in 30 seconds and your eggs girl off. Well, you’re pretty much screwed and that’s that.

So just to keep it the momentum moving forward eggs one at a time will one egg hatch catch a Pokemon another egg hatch get your Pokemon it’s just smoother instead of just standing still and not moving anywhere waiting for the eggs hatch.

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Finally number 6. Its to evolve Pokemon in between catches. It’s a good idea in the future to memorize exactly where all the splints at the Pokemon in the park you play in. By doing so you know that there’s patches where there aren’t any Pokemon or any poker stops that during his grind sessions.

You can evolve pokeman in between those times allows for a maximum amount of experience so you not just saving all the pokemon for purely 30-minute evolution sprees. You can get rid of most of them clear up some your bag space Pokemon storage space then get some experience during this event.

While you’re walking around catching pokémon your local parks. Now if you are waiting for a raid and you’re waiting for more people to show up or you’re waiting for the raid to start, you can also evolve poking between that as well.

I hope these six tips help you improve your grind sessions and increase your experience during your grind sessions. Please leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed my content look forward to more articles like this in the near future,thank you, bye.



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