9 Battery Saving Tips When playing Pokemon Go

Battery Saving Tips

Pokemon Go become one phenomenal game in 2016. The game offers adventure sensations was a success in the world and has a strong fan base quite a lot.

Battery Saving Tips

However, did you know that the game is enough to drain the battery as it uses GPS and camera features are always on simultaneously. Then how to play pokemon go till the end without wasting battery? Listed below 9 Battery saving tips while playing Pokemon Go.

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1. Using battery saver mode

The first Battery saving tips while playing Pokemon Go is played on a battery saver mode. You can enable battery saver mode on a smartphone by going to the settings menu, then select the battery, and switch battery saver.

2. Reversing smartphone

Reversing a smartphone can make the display screen becomes dimmer. When you enable battery saver mode, the smartphone will automatically adjust the screen brightness, when we shift the screen in reverse.

3. Preparing POWERBANK or battery backup

The next battery saving tips is brings power supply backup such as POWERBANK. Should select POWERBANK with a minimum capacity of 10,000 mAh also battery backup adjusted the type of your smartphone.

4. Playing on the battery saver mode Pokemon Go

You not only can enable battery saver feature on smartphones, Pokemon Go game actually also has a battery-saving features built in application. You can activate it by pressing pokeball, then click the settings menu on the top right, select enable battery saver mode.

5. Do not turn on the features of voice, music and shakes

When the voice features, music and shakes are disabled or running in silent mode, power consumption can be more efficient and durable. In addition, the game sounds or background music does not disturb the people around us. You can turn off the sound, the music and shakes by pressing the pokeball to enter the settings menu, then turn off the sound effects, music and vibration.

6. Turn off the Augmented Reality (AR)

See Pokemon on real-world view is nice, but it can make the battery becomes depleted quickly. Therefore, if you want to save battery power you should switch mode Augmented Reality (AR) off.

When the AR mode is off, display real-world background will be replaced with the background display blander. How to disable the AR mode is quite easy, when you meet Pokemon, press the AR in the upper right corner of the screen.

7. Choose a high-speed Internet package.

Pokemon Go game is designed out of the house to find the location of Pokemon by relying on the GPS feature. When you activate the GPS, of course, the phone will search for the strongest signal in order to display the location clearly causing cell phone batteries run out quickly.

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By using the fast internet package and have a strong signal, the phone does not bother to drain the battery to search the signal so that the battery can be more efficient.

8. Decrease brightness level of the screen

Next tips to save battery is to reduce the screen brightness level. When you lower the brightness level of the screen, you can extend battery life up to 3 hours longer than if it is in normal settings.

To reduce the brightness of the screen, you can enter the settings menu, then select and adjust the brightness of the screen displays the chill.

9. Reduce applications running automatically

Background application that runs automatically as twitter, instagram, facebook and similarly quite a waste of battery power. When playing Pokemon Go, you should turn off the application to save battery power.

That’s it 9 Battery saving tips while playing Pokemon Go that you can apply in order to play more longer and satisfied. Have a nice play.


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