A Pokémon MOBA is coming to Nintendo Switch

A Pokémon MOBA is coming to Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Presents brought exciting news. We were super thrilled about Pokémon Unite. A Pokémon-themed multiplayer online battle arena! That’s right. A Pokémon MOBA is coming to Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

Co-created by Tencent Games and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Unite will feature 5v5 multiplayer team battles. You will control a single Pokémon while working to defeat and capture other Pokémon with your team. Pokémon Unite will be a Free-2-Start game and will support cross-platform play. Play with friends no matter the device they choose. 

A Pokémon MOBA For Everyone

Pokémon Unite 5v5 Battle

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The event showcased 5v5 gameplay footage. Providing a glimpse of gameplay as well as some of the currently planned Pokémon. We were excited to see our longtime favorites Pikachu, Charizard, and Snorlax make appearances.

How you play will ultimately up to you! Focus on close-range combat or take your opponents on from a distance. Increase your strength and deal devastating damage by unlocking Unite Moves. While your combat style improves, your Pokémon will evolve along with you as it learns new moves and abilities. 

During the game demo, the Pokémon MOBA players rushed onto the battlefield and immediately focused on capturing Pokémon. Turning in captured Pokémon earns you side points and ultimately contributes to your overall victory score. Unlike traditional MOBAs, where the goal is to destroy your enemy’s core, the goal of Pokémon Unite is to outscore your opponents. All before the global timer runs out. 

The Controversy

The reveal was met with some contention and backlash from fans. Fans are worried that co-creator Tencent Games will heavily monetize the game. Mostly due to their history of monetizing their mobile games. Fans were also hoping for a more traditional Pokémon game rather than a Pokémon MOBA.   

The Release

No release date was given for Pokémon Unite, but we’re excited to see how it fits along-side games such as Heroes of the Storm, DOTA II, and League of Legends. 


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