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Pokemon go for depression

Discover How Pokemon Go Helps Ward Off Depression and Anxiety

Pokemon Go is more popular than ever and thousands of people are playing it daily. While many people dismiss it as just a game,...

Nintendo Announces Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansions: The Isle of Armor, The Crown Tundra

During Pokémon Direct on Thursday, January 9th, Nintendo announced that Pokémon Sword and Shield would be receiving an Expansion Pass. The expansion pass will...

Team Rocket Battle Guide: Coiled and ready to strike!

As apart of our Team Rocket Invasion series, we are going to publish an eight-part series that details the best counters Poke Trainers should...

Pokémon Hidden Fates cards: How to find Shiny Charizard GX packs fast

Father, son duo pull Shiny Charizard within 14 packs! Watch as they find the rare card fast.  
pokemon go banned

Tips How to Restore Pokemon GO Account are Banned

Pokemon Go Tips. Since crowded news Niantic will banning Pokemon Go fraudulent players, many players are so paranoid if they can not get into Pokemon...