Complete Guide to GPS Spoofing in Pokemon Go

guide to spoofing

Today I’ll be bringing you guys a no-bullshit tutorial on how to spoof in Pokemon go. This tutorial basically you don’t need to be rooted. You don’t get the error 12:00 and you won’t get soft band if you know how to play this correctly.

guide to spoofing

There are a few rules that you must follow the however cannot TP too quickly and too far from each location. That you go to because you just get soft band which is fucking annoying but you can actually use a joystick with this one as well and it still works as of now as of this upload.

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So let’s try and finish this. So you want to download FGL pro, so let’s go Google Play Store. This is a complete guide so I’m gonna show everything. FGL pro right there once you get into the app. If you have location on, its gonna show you where your location is and so I’m currently in Hong Kong.

Let’s just zoom in there. It currently shows I’m right here but I’m not actually there. I’m actually like up there somewhere. This is my home isn’t here, anyway so we’re in the middle of this place called Kowloon Park right now because I’m spoofing right now.

Obviously to get this up to work though you’re gonna have to go to settings and you’re gonna have to go to software information and spam build number like a times or something just spam click 8 times. You can actually open a developer mode, developer options, then you want to go to mark location app and then you’re gonna click FGL pro. Very simple and then that so once that’s done you should be allowed to do this and it’s pretty easy.

So this is the entire world you can see, you can go and anywhere you want in the world. So it doesn’t really matter where you go. You can get, you can go to the stage, you can go to Europe, you can go to Australia, whatever the hell you want and it’s all the touch of one button,

So as you can see my location is currently here without being spoofed and of course we’re going down to Jim, so I’ll show you wherever this place is. let’s just go right in the middle of Kelvin Park click the play button and close the ad as you can see once you click that button actually sidebar as well as this.

This thing will actually pop up so you don’t have to worry about that and if to do is go back into Pokemon go. we spawn right in and of course you can see there is no error message. It’s actually pretty good so you sometimes you get soft band for like two minutes or something but that’s usually completely fine as long as you don’t spin any poke stops.

You should teleport to the correct location, do not actually catch any Pokemon after you teleport to a location because if you teleport too quickly and then you try and catch something you won’t be able to do, you won’t be able to catch the Pokemon or just flee instantly.

So as you can see let’s just match up a compass and of course I’ll showcase the joystick so we can go up very simply. That’s it, it’s all it is, it’s the easiest GPS spoofing app in the entire world very simple to use the Strank Ash’s Pokemon. so you even catch your first try and of course you can like adjust the speed, adjust the compass, and you can teleport anywhere in the world,

There’s also an auto fix option basically what that does is it auto teleports you back to where your actual location is which makes it very easy for you to. If you even ,if you get lost and you can’t find your home you can just go auto fix and then the application will automatically detect where you started and it will bring you back. There so very very easy because this walk speed thing basically what it is how much you will move.

So if this is a minimum if I hold up like that for probably three seconds on me. It won’t move as far but if I put it to max and then hold it for three seconds you go much much farther. So yeah and of course you can do this. This application is really really good because it doesn’t like it, doesn’t rubberband you, like at all I’ve got.

I’ve been doing raids and participating in like Jim bailed and everything and I still haven’t got a burb and where I’d leave the B gym because I could my location got changed so this application is actually really good. I think this application also has an auto lock feature, you know let’s just show this show this off one more time.

Let’s just catch an Eevee because why not hopefully we can catch this pretty quickly cuz is this right okay that hopefully we catch this so we can actually go all to walk, very nice easy to catch on my life. Okay easy anyway so I’m gonna go show off the auto off feature now. Let’s go to FGL Pro and the auto walk feature is actually on the top left so you want to click that.

So it turns blue and that’s an auto walk feature basically and you can choose two locations and holy shit wait what okay so let’s just trash all the locations first term there – there so if we take that route it’s gonna the speed is gonna be 11.5 of course you can like set the speed to different ones and of course if you want Auto walk you need it you need the the speed to be as low as possible.

So that was not a good obviously not a good holy shit there’s so many fucking locations what the hell you want the distance to be as far as possible I mean you want the speed to be as low as possible so they don’t get um so the game doesn’t think you’re in um inside a taxi or something and you’re just like driving cuz they won’t let you actually get stuff for your eggs.

So holy crap I can I’ll find a good speed they need 10 kilometers or less what the hell, this is ridiculous hmm we’ll try that. wait oh okay so it’s going at ridiculous speeds right now which is annoying but of course their settings that you can change these ads are annoying though but it’s fine.

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There’s joystick, the joysticks just changes you can put circle you can put arrows etc I prefer the circle one joystick size whatever route speed this route speed is very important, because it determines how quickly you go. Of course you want to put it as small as possible.

I usually do 0.25 but I reset everything so it’s now at one point out and also with the milking device by the way you need to you need to press secure marking. I forgot to like mention this earlier you need to do secure marking because if you don’t do secure mocking the application will not actually like for you like when I do this it’ll give me the error message very soon.

If I try, yes II failed in this tag location 12 and that you you can’t use the application with that you can’t you can’t spoof with that so you got to do secure marking any of these methods actually work but I use method 3, because because why not you know fuck it.

I can’t actually press it right now which is annoying you you don’t want to I don’t do auto fix because it’s just but it just pisses me off but yeah once you actually take that the the error location error should should disappear and then you should be fine like catching pokémon.

So it’s actually a hitmonchan there no hello, wait, what the fuck 137 Jesus and anyway, so if you enjoyed the video share it around. This is the only app that I find still works for spoofing for a Pokemon go and I hope it doesn’t get taken down because this is the only thing I can use for spoofing as for android, for iOS I have no clue/

I think use like pokemon plus or something or like pokemon plus plus or something and it does the same thing basically but this joystick is pretty good. it’s like fully rotatable customizable and everything, so yeah if you want to spoof this is the app to do it FGL pro.

Remember you need to do the development options as well as on take the spoofing. I mean tic. sorry take secure spoofing so that your game can actually detect that your Android location is being spoofed and yeah subscribe for more like the article and I’ll see you guys later.



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