Downloaded 1.5 Million Times, Pokemon Uranium Forced to Close

pokemon uranium

Pokemon go news. As previously stated, Pokemon lovers series which join in JV, Twitch and The Uranium Team dedicated their lives to make Pokemon Uranium games.

Shown as artificial games ‘indie’ and has nothing to do with Nintendo, Pokemon Uranium forced to close after a team of lawyers representing Nintendo of America filed a formal letter of request to remove the link to download Pokemon Uranium.

pokemon uranium

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Citing information from the Frag Hero page, Tuesday (16/08/2016), the games that have been downloaded by 1.5 million people is now no longer appear on the site per day games maker.

Despite the fact that Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made games, of course, nine years in developing and closed forcibly impressed quite rude and callous.

Although reluctantly shut down and remove the download link on their official website, the development team Pokemon Uranium will remain active on the site and forums exist until an undetermined time.

However, it seems it will not take long until Nintendo forcibly shut down the official Pokemon Uranium website and forum that exist today.


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