Pokémon GO Remote Raids with Raid Passes


This week Niantic added a way for Pokémon GO players to raid while social distancing with Remote Raids. What’s even better is that jumping into a remote raid is easy! Here’s everything you need to know about Pokémon GO Remote Raids.

In order to participate in a remote raid, players first need to acquire a Remote Raid Pass. Pokémon GO Remote Raid Passes can be purchased in the in-game shop and earned through special events and promotions. Single Remote Raid passes are 100 Pokécoins or three passes for 250 coins. To buy coins, it’s $1 for 100 coins or $3 for 300 coins payable through your mobile Apple or Google Pay accounts.

With a Remote Raid Pass, trainers can join any Raid Battle going on Nearby or already visible on the Map. Tap on the gym with an on-going raid or tap ‘View’ on the raid you’d like to join from the Map View. Once you gain access you will see a new button that will prompt you to join the ‘BATTLE using a Remote Raid Pass’.

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Remote Raids play out similarly to that of normal raids, Trainers still select the Pokémon they wish to use and can invite others by sharing their group code. The only downside is that in the future your Pokémon’s attack power will be somewhat lower than those there in person, but until we can gather at gyms to raid together again, this is a great alternative.

Remote Raids also provides players with accessibility concerns opportunities to enjoy Pokémon GO in ways they may have been unavailable before. A win for everyone! Remote Raids may even provide safer locations and conditions for raids. Late-night remote raids anyone?

We’re excited to see what Remote Raids bring to Pokémon GO. We’ll see you in battle!


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