Walkthrough: How to battle Team Rocket’s Invasion to get your Shadow Pokemon


The latest update to Pokemon Go formally introduced Team Rocket’s invasion within the PoGo world. Our walkthrough guide including a full video recording of the Team Rocket encounter will help you understand what to expect.

But, first, let’s review what the invasion from a high level.

User 1nderful-1 on Reddit posted up a quick and dirty guide. The infographic by this user is as follows:

Credit: https://imgur.com/a/AyxsUae by user /u/1nderful-1

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To identify a Team Rocket stop:

  • Stops can spawn at any time, without warning.
  • Have approximately a 30-minute time limit from the start of spawn, not from the start of discovery.
  • Shows up as a darker shade of black/blue and slightly animates.

Battling a Team Rocket stop:

  • Walk towards pokestop.
  • When you are in range of the pokestop, the engaged pokestop will be black in color, not regular blue.
  • Spin the pokestop, and the Team Rocket Grunt will appear.
  • Click on “battle” to engage with the Grunt.
  • Select your Pokemon for battle.
  • You will now be in a PvP-style battle with the Team Rocket Grunt.
  • The Grunt will send out Shadow Pokemon in the battle for all three battles.
  • Once you complete the battle, you will receive your Reward and then enter in the Bonus catch stage with the fallen Shadow Pokemon.
  • Once you catch the Shadow Pokemon, you will be asked to purify the Pokemon. Hold off on it for lucky trades!

Here’s a video screencast of our battle with a Team Rocket pokestop:

Video credit: User kimbeecee of Team Mystic, Pokemon Go Bay Area chapter

Tips and Good-to-knows:

  • Save the Shadow Pokemon for a lucky trade. As reported by user /u/1nderful-1, the Purification process increases IV stats by 2. The current IV floor of 12/12/12 will be 14/14/14 after purification.
  • Powering Shadow Pokemon past level 25 will maintain at the level. Purification will not increase when you purify.
  • The moves “Frustration” and “Return” can be TM’d but cannot be relearned.
  • Your Pokemon will need to be revived and healed after a Team Rocket battle.
  • Trading a Shadow or a Purified Pokemon is considered a special trade for the day.
  • Trading a Shadow or Purified Pokemon will not prompt a trade warning.

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