Hack Fail: Spoofing in Pokemon GO using Pokespoof.com on iOS is a scam


TL;DR: Do not use Pokespoof.com if you don’t want to get frustrated by the attempt to scam you out of your personal information.

This video by Jeff Neck on YouTube displays a method in which iOS users may spoof in the game Pokemon Go. As you can see, Jeff heads his way to pokespoof.com to complete two application installments to earn free access to the spoofing interface.

Disclaimer: This video is not endorsed by Pokemon Press in any way. Spoofing has consequences such as getting your account banned temporarily or permanently, or compromising your security on your mobile device so please, try only at your own risk.

Does this spoofing promise what it claims? Let’s find out.

We thought, why not try it out to see if this hack works. It does not work as advertised. No matter how many offers attempted, it looks like it cycles through a few more offers until they’ve verified that you’ve completed the offers. When we would return to the primary page in Safari mobile browser to refresh, it says the following error:

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“Injection Error! ERROR: (1) of the APPs failed to inject! Please try again with (1) different APP ().”

Screenshot of the injection error when attempting to complete Pokespoof.com’s tasks.

Upon many different attempts at completing the application installations requests, requests for emails, requests for your mailing address. We are sad to report that we were not successfully able to complete it until the spoofing injection was done and the error did not resolve.

Conclusion: It’s a scam. Try at your own risk.

We were careful to use information that was valid but not personality identifiable. Even if someone wanted to steal this information, they couldn’t get too far with it. We advise our users to not input your personally identifiable information as these apps are likely to reuse, resell, or expose that data without your consent or knowledge. So once again, if you try out this spoof, you are putting yourself at risk.

Did this spoof work for you? Let us know in the comments.


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