Harambe gorilla would become New Monsters in Pokemon Go?

Harambe gorilla

Pokemon go news. Still remember the Harambe? Gorilla of the Cincinnati Zoo were shot dead because they endanger a children visitor. In fact, the 17-year-old gorilla known intend to protect Isaiah Dickerson, a boy who fell into his cage.

Harambe gorilla

Harambe stories encourage social media accounts Eric’s Creamy Memes, petitioned to enter Harambe be one species of Pokemon. The petition is addressed to Nintendo and Pokemon Company.

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Reported from Ubergizmo, Saturday (13/08/2016), in a statement on Change.org, Eric said Harambe entitled to live forever in the hearts of everyone. Therefore, he asked for support if many people want Harambe to be a Pokemon.

In fact, the petition was also accompanied by a visual illustration Harambe tangible Pokemon. Pokemon was named ‘Hambo’ that will evolve into Harambe in the next stage. Pokemon is also designed as a type of ‘Ghost’ and ‘Fighting’.

Only, nobody knows whether this petition will be approved by Nintendo and Pokemon Company. However, there might Harambe can be included into the list of Pokemon in Pokemon Go is flourishing today.


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