Here’s How to Get Coins (Pokecoins) Free in Pokemon Go

free pokecoins

Without the need for real money or how to cheat, you can actually get free pokecoins in the Pokemon Go. Are you looking for a way to get coins (Pokecoins) in Pokemon Go? Coins (pokecoin) has become a very difficult thing to be found in Pokemon Go.

And with the coin we can buy a variety of items that can help us in playing Pokemon Go. The easiest way to get coins is to buy it using real money in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

free pokecoins

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Yet quiet, aside from purchasing with real money, in fact there are other ways to get coins for free at Pokemon Go. How to?

Free Coins Pokemon Go? How to?

To be able to get free pokecoins in Pokemon Go without spending real money, we can get the fight in the gym and hang. Visit the gym and fighting in the Gym to master. Or you can also master the gym was still white (not owned by anyone).

If you managed to become guards Gym for 21 hours, then you will earn coins or Pokecoin. But to get it you have to pick it up at the Shop and pressing the taker of money (cash in), by pressing the “perisi” in the upper right corner.

You will get 10 coins, but there will be an additional 500 in each of monsters in the Gym. So you can get 100 Pokecoin and 5000 Stardust if you own 10 Gym.

In this Shop you can also buy a variety of other items including Pokeball, Incens, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator, Lure Module, Bag Storage Upgrade and Pokemon. That’s the way to get free pokecoins in Pokemon Go.

Another way to get free pokecoins are participating in the free offers program. For those of you who live in the USA, you can participate in this program simply by sending your email. Winners will be drawn and the lucky ones will get free pokecoins. Click here to apply.


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