How Brick Mortar Businesses Can cash In with Pokemon Go


If you have a brick and mortar business, Pokemon Go could be a great thing for you. Thanks to the frenzy surrounding this augmented reality video game, people are flocking to certain locations designated as PokeStops.

For the uninitiated, these stops are places to get special items and find rare Pokemon to collect. This means people could be flocking to your business to capture Pokemon, and you can use this to your advantage.


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Embrace the game

Smart businesses won’t turn away gamers looking to ‘catch them all.’ Instead, if your business happens to be a designated PokeStop, embrace it. Offer fun opportunities for visitors to photograph their Pokemon with members of your staff, props, or other special displays. Get into the spirit of the game–which encourages people to interact with their surroundings–and make yourself available to these potential customers.

Offer Pokemon-themed promotions

Retailers can cash in on the extra traffic by running promotions that invite the game’s players to ‘catch’ great deals while they’re capturing Pokemon. Get creative and have fun with promotions to cash in on the frenzy surrounding the game.

Share on social media

If you happen to be a PokeStop, be sure to tell your existing customers about it. They’ll likely stop by to catch a Pokemon or two and they’ll probably tell their friends and family, too.

Use Lure Modules

PokeStops and Gyms can also use one of the game’s Lure Modules to attract visitors to your business. (You have to play the game to do this, but it’s a free download and the Lure Modules can be purchased within the game.) Each Lure Module attracts Pokemon and is visible to everyone who plays the game. The Modules work for 30 minutes, so you may want to plan to use several. It’s a cheap way to get foot traffic, regardless of what type of business you have.

Lure Modules are great for attracting people to your special events, too. Whether you are hosting a community event or trying to attract new customers to a grand opening, plan on dropping a few lures if you’re located at a PokeStop. Make sure you advertise on social media to let people know when you’ll be using them. You could be surprised by how many visitors this inexpensive method can attract.

Play the game and share it on social media

If you happen to be in a location full of Pokemon, snap photos of the little creatures in your business and share it on your blog or website. Post it on social media and be sure to remind people that they can drop by during your business hours and catch the Pokemon for themselves.

Don’t turn away free traffic without trying to convert it to sales for your business. Once customers see you get into the spirit of the game, they’ll be back again and again to shop with you (and pick up those extra PokeBalls and other in-game accessories!).



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