How To Play Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop

how to play pokemon go on pc

Play Pokemon GO games usually done using a smartphone, whether Android or IOS. However, in the following way, you can play the Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop. By playing Pokemon GO on pc or laptop, you would no longer need to leave home to hunt Pokemon.


how to play pokemon go on pc

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Software to play Pokemon Go on PC is Nox Emulator. Nox Emulator also equipped with Virtual Location features. Unlike the Fake GPS, this feature allows you to move between the location as you wish without afraid of experiencing GPS Error issues. In addition, the characters in the game can also be run in all directions, this will facilitate you to incubate the eggs.

How To Play Pokemon GO on your PC or Laptop

Before you install Nox Emulator to play Pokemon GO on pc or laptop, make sure the device you are using meets the following minimum specifications:

play pokemon go on pc

How To Install Nox App Player

Download Nox App Player for Pokemon Go Emulator software, place it is easy to find.
Install Nox Pokemon GO on your computer or laptop.

install nox

Once installed, click Settings> Advanced. Change the settings to High. Startup settings Phone 720×1280. If so, click Save Changes> Restart.

setting nox emulator

Adding a Google account on Nox Pokemon GO

Select the Google Play Store to add the Google account in Nox Pokemon GO.

adding google account

Enter your Google account you used to play Pokemon GO on a computer using Nox Emulator. If your Pokémon Trainer Club account, you can skip the following steps.

setting google account

Set the virtual location in Nox Pokemon GO

Click the Virtual Location (CTRL + 3) in Nox Emulator Pokemon GO.

setting virtual location

Choose a location that is used to capture Pokemon from the computer. If so, click OK.

catch pokemon from computer

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Plays Pokemon GO in Nox

Once the location is set, then you can start playing Pokemon GO on your computer.

play pokemon go in nox

Enter your birth date.

enter birthdate

Select the account you want to use to play Pokemon GO on your PC or laptop, Google, or Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC).

select account

Wait a minute until the loading is completed, automatically You play Pokemon account in computer

finish loading

With special Nox for Pokemon GO, you can move the characters in the game as you wish. Use the WASD keys to move the characters.

Tricks to avoid being Softban in Pokemon GO

Niantic will do softban for users who move too far away locations. When softban happens, users will not be able to capture Pokemon from the computer, play PokeStop, and fight in the gym.

To avoid being softban while playing Pokemon GO on your computer using the emulator, you can use the following trick:

  • Jump not too far away, 10km max.
  • If you want to jump to a remote location, using a delay of several hours.
  • For example, at 1 pm I do not use an Pokemon account in Jakarta, but I want to use my account in Sydney.
  • If at 1 pm you instantly moved from Jakarta to Sydney, you will be exposed softban.
  • To avoid softban, do not open Pokemon GO account for 2 hours and then reopen Pokemon GO account in Nox by Sydney location at 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

Video how to play Pokemon GO on PC with NOX

That’s the way to play Game Pokemon GO directly from your PC or Laptop. If you’re still confused, you can see the following video:



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