How to Use Pokemon Go to Connect with your Followers

pokemon go for social media

When it comes to building your brand, social media is super important. You need to stay relevant and it helps to use trending subjects to connect with your followers. Pokemon Go is super popular at the moment, but how can you use it to help connect with your followers and grow your brand? Here are some tips for using Pokemon Go with social media.

pokemon go for social media

Share photos of your captured Pokemon

Did you catch a Squirtle in the kitchen sink? Maybe you found Pikachu–whatever you found, share it with your followers. This candid sharing is great for making you more relatable, and the funnier the photos, the better.

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Get your product or logo in the picture

Candid shots of Pokemon are fun, but if you can get your brand logo or product in the picture, even better. You could always edit in your logo, but be careful not to make it look too forced. If you can, carry around a business card or other item with your logo on it to place in the shot. It won’t be perfect, but it’s not about perfection. It’s about keeping your logo in front of your followers in a fun way.

Authors and those with actual physical products should try to snap a photo with their product in the shot. What could be more fun than a Charizard snuggling up next to your latest book?

Have competitions with your followers

Why not challenge your followers to post their best Pokemon capture or share the rarest Pokemon in their collection? While there’s a frenzy for the game, this can help keep people interacting with your social media profile, commenting and posting their own photos, which will keep your posts in front of many eyes as they pop up in your followers’ newsfeed.

Get social

The whole point of Pokemon Go is to get out in your environment and interact with it. Don’t just snap photos of your Pokemon, make sure you get plenty of local landmarks in the pictures, too. You could even invite your followers to join you in the game and offer tips on how to win your Poke-battles, how to lure out more Pokemon, or where to find the imaginary creatures in your area.

Whether the Pokemon Go phenomenon will last has yet to be seen, but for now, it’s big. And it’s an easy way for you to interact with your followers on social media so you can grow your brand. Go ‘catch them all,’ then share it on social media!


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