Introducing, The First Pokemon Go Master in the World

Pokemon Go Master

Nick Johnson is the first man successfully captured the entire Pokemon in Pokemon Go game .

Men from New York, United States of America have successfully completed to play Pokemon Go in Sydney, Australia.

Pokemon Go Master

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Citing information from the Venture Beat, Tuesday (08/09/2016), Nick catch the last monster-based regions, namely Kangaskhan in Sydney.

What Nick achieved today was quite amazing, considering he is able to capture 142 of the 151 species of Pokemon in just the first two weeks Pokemon Go released.

It can say, this guy is a first Pokemon Go master in the world. Due to the persistence and intention to complete the entire Pokemon in the Pokedex, Nick and his partner was sponsored by Expedia to venturing into the world to catch the Pokemon.

Before ending the last capture Pokemon in Sydney, Nick already catched Mr. Mime (one name Pokemon) under the Eiffel Tower and Farfetch’d in Hong Kong.

Then what will Nick do after a successful catch 145 Pokemon? Nick revealed that he will not stop playing Pokemon Go, and he awaits the emergence of Pokemon legend on the next update.

Anyone interested in following the footsteps of Nick Johnson traveled the world to capture the entire Pokemon?


  1. I just caught my 143rd Pokemon today and mastered North America. My friend has Lapras left and we are trying to start a gofundme to get help paying for a around-the-world-flight to capture the three legendaries. We were so blessed to have Mr. Nick Johnson himself respond to our questions for help.


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