IOS 8 Users Can not Play Pokemon Go anymore, Why?

pokemon go ios ban

Although not as popular as it was released early, Pokemon Go was still played by 500 million players every day. However, the numbers may soon drop drastically because this game will not be played again by millions of iOS users.

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pokemon go ios ban

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This sad news was confirmed by developers team of Pokemon Go game through uploaded on the official website of the company. “Pokemon Go will no longer be played on the iOS 8 operating system device” he was quoted

In order to be able to play games on the iOS device, the user is prompted to update the OS on their devices to iOS 9 at November 20, 2017 local time. Passing from that date, Pokemon Go game lovers will lose access to the game.

For the record, iOS 8 Apple first launched in 2014 and until now has been getting updates “massively” on iOS since then.

“By removing support for iOS 8, we can simplify development and focus resources for optimization in new OS and technologies,” he wrote.

The Future of Pokemon Go

To be sure, for Pokemon Go players who can not update the OS device, this news is quite disappointing. However, for most players, this is good news.

This means the game developer, Niantic Labs, is preparing to optimize this homemade game on iOS 11.

Some Pokemon Go game lovers are convinced this is a way developers to prepare to present the long-awaited feature, namely trading and PvP battles .

Not only that, developers based in San Francisco, United States, is also preparing many other updates for Pokemon Go.

In addition to the two features that have been awaited, gamers also had promised a social feature in the game. This is reinforced by news of the company’s acquisition of social game developers, Evertoon, recently.

The Harry Potter Game on Mobile Devices

More recently, Niantic Labs announced it was working with WB Games to develop a game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite .

Not only that, the company also confirmed the Harry Potter game will be present exclusively for mobile devices. Like Pokemon Go, this game will rely on AR technology.

In the Harry Potter game : Wizards Unitesgamers will have the chance to experience being a Wizards (witch) in the real world as in a Harry Potter novel.

From the official description, gamers will learn how to cast spells, as well as explore the environment and cities in the real world to find and fight various kinds of legendary animals along with other players.

Similar to Pokemon Go, is not it? Although the gameplay information Harry Potter game: Wizards Unites is still limited, many gamers who suspect Ingress also has a major influence on this game.

Not only that, Niantic is predicted to feature some new and iconic features in the game which of course can not gamers find in previous Niantic Labs games.

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