Iran became the first country that prohibits Pokemon Go, Why?

iran prohibit pokemon go

Pokemon Go News. Pokemon Go game is flourishing played by smartphone users around the world are threatened can not be played in Iran. It was following the decision of the High Council of Virtual Space Iran that block these games.

iran prohibit pokemon go

Unfortunately, there is no further information on the background of the blocking. However, quoted from the BBC, Monday (08/08/2016), security issues as the main reason the decision was issued.

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Iran itself is one of the countries that strongly expressed concerns about the games made by the Niantic Labs and Nintendo. In fact, the country became the first to perform blocking.

This decision is also not showed up. Actually, a few months ago the Iranian authorities could give the manufacturer the opportunity to discuss the issue games, before the official block it.

Besides Iran, there are actually several other countries are also reportedly banned the games are played. One of them is Saudi Arabia through its Council of Ulama Council.

However, the news was quickly denied by the Council of Ulema Council of Saudi Arabia. Deputy Minister of International Media and Communication Saudi Arabia, Abdulmohsen Alyas said no new stated that prohibits Pokemon Go.

China is also said to be one of the countries that had banned the Pokemon Go games. The authorities bamboo curtain country’s fear that the games can be used by the United States to locate China military bases.


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