More affordable, lighter Nintendo Switch Lite to be released September 2019

Nintendo Switch Lite colors

Last week, Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a lighter, more portable version of the already popular Nintendo Switch. Unlike the currently available Switch, the Joy-Con controllers will not be detachable.

For all us 90’s kids, the Switch Lite will be more aligned with our glorious handheld console days of the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo DS. Hold the seizures, please.

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We really love the comparison chart put together by Game Spot. We also found the FAQs that they wrote to be immensely helpful when doing your initial research.

The official comparison chart can be found on Nintendo’s official site.

Pokemon GO and the Switch Lite

How does this impact your Pokemon Go gameplay? It is compatible with the Poké Ball Plus. This means that PoGo players will get a much more integrative experience with their favorite PoGo accessories. The biggest anticipation is to see if the Pokemon Go Home unit will work well with the Switch Lite.

Pricing and Availability

The new Lite will cost $199 USD. The official release date is September 20, 2019.


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