New Method Throw Pokeball in Pokemon Go

throw pokeball

Pokemon go news. Capturing Pokemon in Pokemon Go look easy and mediocre. However, some Pokemon Go players has found a unique way with a high success rate.

throw pokeball

Pokemon Go players usually throws Pokeball with just one style that is swipe the screen straight up or using the curveball.

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Even so, a number of players uncover new secrets about how to throw a Pokeball in Niantic Labs games.

One new method throwing Pokeball is “L” method. As the name suggests, “The L” method, the player can throw a Pokeball by dragging a finger in L letters movement and release it just before the finger was on the same level with Pokemon.

When tested, this method is quite effective and easy to catch Pokemon rather than swipe a finger from the bottom to the top of the screen. However, be sure to throw the Pokeball from the left side and not from the right side of the screen.

Interestingly, you can also combine “L” method with curveball method. By doing so, you have to rotate Pokeball first, then began to throw a Pokeball with “L method”.

So, Are you interested to try on Pokemon Go?



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