Niantic Prepares Massive Updates on Pokemon Go

Updates on Pokemon Go

Niantic finally raised his voice regarding the presence of new features in Pokemon Go. Developers from the United States that promised to release a major update for Pokemon Go.

Updates on Pokemon Go


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Quoted from Phone Arena , Friday (24/11/2017), this update will be present in the next few days. Niantic also ensures players do not need to download this update manually and the presence of this update will not interfere with game performance.

Niantic also announced some changes from the Raid Battle mechanism in Pokemon Go . This change is done based on input from the players who had tried this feature.

Later, EX Raid Battles will be more done in the gym in the park or sponsored location. Players with high-level Gym Badges have a greater chance of being invited to play on EX Raid Battles.

Meanwhile, players who have done a lot of Raid Battles battles are likely to be invited on EX Raid Battles.

Players invited to EX Raid Battle will be notified when the game is canceled. They will also get Stardust and Premium Raid Passes when the EX Raid Battle is canceled.

Not only the EX Raid Battle, changes are also applied to Raid Battles. One of the concerns is the prizes the players receive after the Raid Battle in Pokemon Go.

Update News on Raid Battle

The presence of various new features in Pokemon Go is actually already heard since a few days ago. The reason, Niantic Labs is reported to have invited a number of YouTuber Pokémon Go specialists and celebrities to a special event in Japan.

Seeing the secrecy of the event, many pocket game lovers think the company is preparing to launch the long-awaited feature of trading and PvP battles.

The predicted feature being tested is because testing is required first. Therefore, Niantic invites Pokemon Go community members to ask their opinion before finally releasing the two features globally.

However, it is possible that these people test other features in the game. One of them is a new type of Pokemon from the third generation, which Niantic announced will launch in December 2017.

In fact, it’s unlikely that Niantic is testing an entirely new feature. One of them is a new social feature or feature that is worked out specifically and different from before.


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