Norwegian Prime Caught playing Pokemon Go When Session of Parliament

Norwegian Prime play pokemon go

Pokemon Go fever seems not yet over, especially in Norway. The country’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg is looking monster caught when the hearing is taking place in parliament.

As reported by The Guardian, Thursday (10/06/2016) turns Solberg was fond of Pokemon Go. This fact obtained through his own admission.


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Norwegian Prime play pokemon go

During his visit to Slovakia, Solberg told reporters that he presents a special time to look for monsters. Prime Minister of Norway was even admitted that he was keen to incubate Pokemon Go.

In Norway, this is not the first time a politician was caught playing Pokemon Go while in parliament. Previously, Trine Skei Grande, Chairman of the Liberal Party was also caught on camera fun to play the same games in August.

And when he learned that the Prime Minister Solberg repeat things you’ve done, Grande also commented.

“He (Solberg) listen to what I say, we women can do two things at the same time,” said Grande through social media Twitter.

According to Norwegian television TV2, Solberg was behind commenting on the statement Grande.

“I think Grande will also play Pokemon Go if I am making a speech,” said the Prime Minister of Norway.


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