Pokemon Go Advanced Guide For Community Day

pokemon go advance tips

I give you some what my pokemon go tips and tricks when it comes to playing pokemon gold during continued day so tip number one would be clearing out every single one of your quests and nuts spinning any pokey stops prior took i mean anything.

pokemon go advance tips

Why? well once again we need a begins and you spin your polka stops you’re most likely going to get a quest related to community day meaning there you going to be catching more larget are if you guys remember the last community day.

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Charmander whenever you spawn a pokey stuff you’ve got you know quest related to Charmander, so you call like to charmander’s you get another Charmander. Oh three great throws I know the Charmander so right here the recommend a full orbit are you’re going to be getting more elaborate are for completing quests.

So if you do complete a quest and if you’re looking for a hundred percent larva time which is going to be low fifteen the CP that you’re looking for is 387, okay. Remember that and Pokemon from quest don’t get any weather goes.

Tip number two will be evolving every single one of your guitars are you going to evolve during community day. All the way up to pew lead are prior to the memory day. Why? well it takes around 17 to 19 seconds to evolve a pokemon and since you have to evolve larva tour all the way up to pupitar that’s 19 seconds and then pupitar all the way up to Tyranitar that’s 19 more second, right.

So let’s say you you know you’re going to evolve 6 larva tarz, right from pupitar to Tyranitar, that saves you almost 2 minutes alright, whatever you want to evolve is six laboratory if you want to evolve more than obviously you’re going to save more time.

Tip number three is obviously using the fast cash trick which I actually made a video earlier today. I’ll put a link down below so pretty much it’s going to save you a lot of time. All right I did the math so let’s say you are catching a pokemon normally without that fast chemistry right.

It takes around 19 seconds all right. With the fast Patrick he takes around seven seconds all right. That’s a few 12 seconds so catching on your Pokemon save you 20 minutes, 200 Pokemon 40 minutes 300 Pokemon an hour see what I mean I’ll put a link down below to the video.

Also I want to show you guys something since you’ve been having a lot of questions with these fast Catterick regarding iPhones then you’re not able to do it you actually are able to do it which shoutout to uh I’ll put a screenshot I forgot the name but I know who you are. So thank you for the little comment.

So I’m gonna go ahead and show you okay here we go so pretty easy facially whenever I do that I throw the ball and have to click down here you don’t have to do that especially for iPhone so you do this and you click right here, boom. So you see the obvious it is right up there and yeah I understand pretty simple stuff.

Tip number four and this may sound a bit extreme but the tip is to not hatch any eggs during Community Day. Why? well it takes time to hatch eggs, Okay. it takes around 12 seconds to hatch an egg all right so let’s say you had seen nine to 11 X which is going to be pretty easy there rather say for you two minutes 18 eggs 4 minutes 27 eggs six minutes see what I mean so that right there saves you quite a bit of time that you could be doing capturing you know Pokemon so yes.

Tip number five would be having a lot of great balls and ultra balls based on experience. So if las community they use nicky a certain amount of great boss and ultra balls then stock up on what you need so you need great balls ultra balls and polymerase.

I know that one seems pretty obvious with check this out. I personally like to use great balls and ultra balls on larvae thar they have a certain CP. The higher the CP, the harder it is going to be to catch it. To give you an example, the lowest one is 10 CP, right, you could get that with a pokeball so anything at least for me anything from 10 CP to like 200, 250 CB I use the pokeball and anywhere from 300 to 500 or so I use a great ball and anything above that, I use an ultra unless it’s a shiny one right.

But if you are looking for the 100% ones guys a level 25 not 1125 at level 30 which is the highest that they could go to without a whether boosts, the CP that you’re looking for is 775 and the highest that it could possibly go what about said low 35 is going to be 840. So you definitely want to use a here in no trouble and possibly a golden raspberry on that one as well but uh yeah let me say guys that is it for my little advanced tips.




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