Pokemon Go Game Developers Test New Features, Like What?

Pokemon Go Game Developers

Over one and a half years, Pokemon Go lovers ‘ve seen a wide range of new features that developers add to the gym, which is where one of the best features of today is raid battles.

As a game developer, Niantic Labs, several times promising more new features will be introduced for the most popular mobile games in the future.

Pokemon Go Game Developers

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Unfortunately, when this feature will be introduced into the game until now is still unclearly reported. Moreover, features player versus player (PvP) and trading is long awaited presence in the Pokemon Go game.

However, it will be revealed in the near future. Apparently, Niantic Labs invited some famous YouTuber Pokémon Go specialists and other famous figures to a special event in Japan. So that was launched Gamerant , Sunday (19/11/2017).

No information on why they were invited to Japan, but some loyal Pokemon Go gamers suspect will have an opportunity to test the new features of this game.

What new features will Niantic show the event invitees in Japan next week? With so many features still missing in the game, there are many possible features to test.

PvP and Trading Features

Seeing the secrecy of the event, many pocket game lovers suspect the company is preparing to launch the long-awaited feature of trading and PvP battles .

The predicted feature being piloted is based because it takes some people to test it. This is why developers invite members of the Pokemon Go community to ask their opinion before finally releasing the two features globally.


However, it is possible that these people test other features in the game. One of them is a new type of Pokemon from the third generation, which Niantic announced will launch in December 2017.

It’s possible, Niantic Labs is testing an entirely different feature. Perhaps the developer is trying out new social features in Pokemon Go, or maybe a feature that is completely unexpected by his loyal fans.

Whatever features are being tested, you as a loyal lover of Pokemon Go games need not take long to figure out what new features will appear in the game in the near future.

Niantic Labs Busy with a New Game?

Recently, the San Francisco-based company confirmed that it is working with WB Games to develop a game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Not only that, the company also confirmed the Harry Potter game will be present exclusively for mobile devices. Like Pokemon Go, this game will rely on AR technology.


For many of Pokemon Go’s loyal players, the announcement of this game is feared will make the company not focus in the development of new features in the pocket game game, and more focused in the development of the Harry Potter game.

In response, Niantic ensures the company remains committed 100 percent for Pokémon Go development over the coming years.

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In the Harry Potter: Wizards Unites game, gamers will have the chance to experience being a Wizards (wizard) in the real world as in the Harry Potter novels.

From the official description, gamers will learn how to cast spells, explore the environment and the city in the real world to find and fight various kinds of legendary animals along with other players.

Similar to Pokemon Go, is not it? Although the gameplay informaasi Harry Potter game: Wizards Unites is still limited. Many gamers who suspect Ingress also have a big influence on this game.

Not only that, Niantic is predicted to feature some new and iconic features in the game which of course can not gamers find in previous Niantic Labs games.



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