Pokemon Go PRO Strategies and TIPS (Updated)

pokemon go tips

So they did exactly what their job was to do which is get you coins but now you got your candies from it from something you’re gonna transfer anyways which is a huge deal. Hello everybody in today’s guide we will be talking about some pokemon go pro tips and tricks and strategies to get you closer of being that Pokemon go master.

pokemon go tips

Now the first one I do want to cover is talking about the field research. now feel the research is where you go through the city you’re picking up all your different pokey stops, you’re spinning them and it tells you something to do and once you have accomplished that little task, then you’re able to claim your reward and it gives you a stamp.

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So the very top one up right over here says that the last one I did was on June 18th but today’s date is June 19th and I was able to complete two of these different tasks now this is the first little strategy or tip is just by claiming one of these things a day this way you get your stamp that’s sitting right there and then that very second one that’s on the very bottom over there you’d be able to save for tomorrow

So then this way you don’t always have to try to accomplish another task and now with that pokemon caught you can check right over here that there still is one more I can claim but if I was to claim that tomorrow I’d have one additional stamp going towards the very final stamp that you have to collect for your seven days of stamps.

So moving on to strategy two I’m going to take away my son’s account and so here’s my account. This is a pre-recorded gym battle I did earlier today. So this is a huge gym boost strategy if you’re somebody who loves doing gym battles and as you know, you know this has changed from back in the past where the lives the the CP of all your Pokemon that’s sitting in the gym.

They will diminish over time and also if somebody goes through it it’ll take away their life as well and if they are full life you have to go through them three times to knock them completely out. Now this one that’s going to help you by conserving the items in your backpack and really at the end of the day you’re really fighting with the exact same pokemons throughout each and every round.

So you can see here I moved into my very last group which I actually tile this one is strong and so I always battle with these same pokemons every single time and you can see if the very first one has already been fainted but the nice thing about it that you can actually see in this tips is that it will start off even if it is fainted and so.

If you are let’s say in the very last round you’re finding Pokemon that are very weak you’re fainted Pokemon will probably take down their life maybe a third or even half of the way depending on what you’re fighting but you’re not gonna see a huge different here with Blissey because she’s got a lot of CP going on in health.

So you’re not gonna see it go down dramatically but you’ll see it later on in this video and so what pretty much is going on here is that I can stay in one spot and any time that that charged move happens from the opponent just move you’ll be able to dodge it and even if you are playing with a half-life Dragonite you’re still gonna be able to go through this extremely fast.

So without watching the full entire battle we just finished the very first round and so you’re gonna see that I’m gonna go right back inside of there I’m gonna move over into the very last group and so I’m gonna replay with the exact same pokemons but what I’m gonna do is I will revive that Dragonite that was first there so I can at least give it half of its life back and then we’d be able to go through it with less pokemons and less revives and so I’m not gonna use any of my potions until I have to.

Now one of the times that you might want to fully revive all of your Pokemon if they are extremely strong along with giving them all of their their potions is when you’re gonna be doing a legendary raid. That’s usually one of the times you’d want to bring this right on back so round two of that full gym battle has been completed we’re gonna move right back over into the very last round and you can also notice that that very first Dragon Knight has been fainted.

But you’re gonna see a lot of damage still happening on this very last round so even that very first revive that I use from before by bringing this one back half life I really technically didn’t need it and you can see that it is causing a little bit of damage and just keeps on going and going as you bring in the very next Pokemon as it comes into the fight.

So this is huge if you’re somebody who always goes through a gym battle you use the revive and you also use the potions you’re using either a hyper potion or you could be using any of the other two lower ones but if you don’t really want to use all of your potions and maybe you’re very low I’m actually very low with my potions right now.

I’d be able to keep on using my revives because you get a ton of those especially when you’re doing some raids and everything else and I also spin those at the poky stops more likely than I do a normal post. now with the gym battle complete we’re moving over into strategy 3 strategy 3 is a way of collecting coins but not really having to use anything from your backpack your items it’s a way that you don’t have to lose something that you actually really care about.

So inside of here you can either go to recent or you can go to number the easiest thing is just to go into number as you go through all your pokémon’s that’s sitting inside of there you’d be able to find one that is not at the very top. so right over here I’m gonna choose the 1920 Toros because what’s gonna happen is the moment it faints then all I have to do is transfer it and I’m getting my coins from something I don’t even need anymore.

So it’s a fantastic way to be able to do it with anything that’s bigger you can use the one that’s definitely not the top two or three CPS. you can also use one that is inside of your recent if it’s maybe even a Pidgey it’s a way that you’d be able to still get your coins without having to revive something because you’re just gonna transfer it in the in the future.

So as example I’m gonna go inside of the game here and I’m gonna move right over into my Pokemon and a really fast easy way of getting rid of those fainted pokemons is just by going over here into your HP and then you’re gonna scroll all the way down to the very bottom.

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So you’re gonna see that I have one two three four five six seven and different pokemons that I’d have to use a revive on all of them. but because I only cared about three of the Jim’s I went inside of there I’m gonna get rid of this one this one this one and this one so again yes you are able to get rid of multiple Pokemon at the exact same time and transfer them away.

So they did exactly what their job was to do which is get you coins but now you got your candies from it from something you’re gonna transfer anyways which is a huge deal and then these ones right here you just either. It can go through here and you’d be able to do a little bit of a powerup or you’d be able to use a revive whichever one you want to use now you’re bringing it right back on over and back into the game. now for the next trick this is by looking for a particular type of Pokemon.

So I’m not really talking about let’s say you want to search for executor or you start typing it in and it shows you everything which by the way executor or this is the one that I searched before mostly lately because I have a lot of these long next executives and so I usually throw these ones in to get rid of them because I’m gonna transfer them anyways I might as well get coins out of them.

But what I mean is that you can go in here and you can search for let’s say you want to find some fire types. You’ll be able to just type in the word fire all of those is gonna pop up another big one is you can search for legendary but the next big thing you can search for is those that you would be able to evolve.

Now this is a big deal because sometimes you forget what you are able to evolve because you’re thinking of what is the next stage after this pokemon also you’ll be able to check out which ones actually have enough candy.

So let’s say that you’re looking through any of these and if I didn’t have an Grammer candies I would not be able to have the option of grammar showing up to evolve. So if you want to check something out you’d be able to go through it this way you can also search through the CP of the the evolutions and so it’ll show the very top ones you’ll be able to evolve.

So you can make sure that you are evolving the correct one unless if you’re looking at the percentage of the IV now also don’t forget these two little small ones we’d be able to double tap the screen here to be able to zoom in and out with just one little finger instead of having to use two different fingers for a little bit of a pinch and zoom.

Also when you are hatching an egg you’d be able to tap the screen with two different fingers and be able to bypass a little egg animation it goes directly over into the Pokemon that you opened up. so I hope that you guys have liked this tips if you guys did give this thing a huge thumbs up also if there is something that you learned that is brand new for you write a comment below on what was new for you or one that one of the strategies you like that I talked about.

Also don’t forget to hit that little subscribe button right over here if you have not subscribed already and outside of that share this tips there are friends and family social media sites and I’ll see you guys later.



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