Pokemon Go Update Introduces Various New Features

Pokemon Go Update

Niantic Labs has just launched the latest update for Pokemon Go. Citing information from the official Facebook page on Tuesday (08/09/2016), Niantic perform bug fixes, bring back a safer battery mode on iOS and give players a chance to change the name of the trainer again.

Pokemon Go Update

Not only that, Niantic was experimenting with new tracker feature named ‘sightings’ that has long complained of by many Pokemon Go players.

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Not only has a new look, Pokemon tracking systems are now increasingly easy. You can find out how close Pokemon by reading in Sightings, where the left side closest to the farthest right.

For this new tracker, Niantic itself stated that it is still in a testing period with a promise to show a better tracker and honed in future updates.

Pokemon Go Updates now slid in their respective app stores to version 0.33.0 (Android) and version 1.3.0 (iOS).

For your information, Pokemon Go now made US $200 million after a month officially released.


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