Pokémon Unite: A Guide to Eldegoss

Guide to Eldegoss

Eldegoss is a powerful yet simple-to-use Ranged Supporter Pokémon and is currently one of few healers in Pokémon Unite. Making Eldegoss a valuable selection for Standard matches and a must-pick for Ranked matches. With that in mind, we’re here to break down the best kit for Eldegoss with our guide to Eldegoss before you head into your next battle.

Recommended Battle Items

Potion or Eject Button

The longer Eldegoss can stay in the fight, the better. Selecting either a Potion or an Eject Button is a smart move. Both are often invaluable when appropriately used for keeping this squishy Pokémon alive.

Recommended Held Items

Buddy Barrier

As a healer, Buddy Barrier is an excellent addition to Eldegoss’ kit. Upon using Eldegoss’ Cotton Cloud Crash, you and any nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP will gain a shield equal to 30% of their max HP. Combined with Eldegoss’ Pokémon Unite move to provide a significant amount of longevity to an almost K.O.’d Pokémon.

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Shell Bell

This item is another that will further your sustainability during a match. Shell Bell grants you HP whenever you are attacked by opposing Pokémon. The higher the Pokémon’s Special Attack, the more HP you will recover.

Exp. Share

With Eldegoss’ main focus being healing, you will have very little time to farm for experience points. As a result, you’ll likely find yourself on the low end of the experience pool. Exp. Share, however, will grant you 2 Exp. Points per second when you are the Pokémon with the fewest Exp. on your team.

Guide to Eldegoss Moves

In early levels, Eldegoss begins with Leafage and Synthesis. Leafage is excellent for slowing your opponents while your teammates move in for a kill. Your third basic attack will also help in dealing increased damage. Synthesis will allow you to heal yourself and your allies. Be sure to spam it as much as possible, as it will be your primary source of keeping you and your teammates alive in the early stages of a match.

At level 4, Pollen Puff and Leaf Tornado open up as your first selectable skills. We recommend choosing Pollen Puff as it restores HP for allies while dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. When upgraded, Pollen Puff will attach itself to opposing Pokémon and deal damage over time. If it sticks to your allies, it will reduce the amount of damage they receive as well.

Upon reaching level 6, you will choose between Cotton Guard and Cotton Spore. We recommend choosing Cotton Guard as it is yet another defense ability and will grant Eldegoss and all nearby ally Pokémon a cotton shield that absorbs damage and restores HP. At later stages, it even increases your movement speed when used.

Eldegoss’ Unite Move is called Cotton Cloud Crash. It allows Eldegoss to fly high above the battle and become invincible for a short period. Once triggered again, Eldegoss will pound the ground, attacking and shoving the enemy Pokémon and restoring HP to your allies in an AoE.

Eldegoss’ passive ability is Cotton Down. This ability causes damage and slows enemy movement speed briefly after the Pokémon receives a certain amount of damage. When that happens, Eldegoss recovers HP and has increased movement speed for a short time.

The recent Pokémon Unite Balance Update brought some changes to Eldegoss, but overall the character is still a strong support character to round out your team.

Guide to Eldegoss Gameplay

When playing Eldegoss, you want to make sure you stay within a lane behind other allies. Try not to overextend as opposing Pokémon can make quick work of squishy Eldegoss. We’d recommend the Bottom Lane for Eldegoss because when your team decides to take on Dreadnaw, Eldegoss will have little trouble keeping your allies’ HP topped off. Also, be sure to stay aware of your mini-map at all times, as you will often be the opposing team’s focused target.

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