Pokémon Unite: A Guide to Garchomp

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Garchomp is a powerful All-Rounder Melee Pokémon recently made available in Pokémon Unite. Garchomp’s attack power and speed can make quick work of opposing Pokémon, making Garchomp perfect for rounding out your Pokémon Unite team. This Garchomp guide breaks down how to play Garchomp effectively with our favorite tips & tricks. Let’s get to it!

Recommended Battle Items

Eject Button

The Eject Button remains one of our favorite Battle Items and Garchomp is no exception. Garchomp already has decent engagement and escape skills, and, unless stunlocked, Eject Button will make for a quick escape in battles when outnumbered.

Recommended Held Items

Rocky Helmet

As a melee Pokémon, Garchomp will often be engaged in close combat. Naturally, a damage boost is incredibly helpful when attacking or being attacked. Enter the Rocky Helmet. This Battle Item will damage nearby Pokémon when Garchomp is damaged, notably increasing the damage dealt by this close combat specialist.

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Assault Vest

Perfect for absorbing the initial blow of an engagement, the vest works by nullifying Sp. Atk damage when Garchomp is not in combat. Making the Assault Vest is a useful addition to Garchomp’s kit and a good way to absorb damage at the start of a fight.

Attack Weight

The Attack Weight is a useful scaling tool and allows Garchomp to s become more powerful after scoring. It does this by increasing Attack after Garchomp successfully scores a goal. As a melee Pokémon, this is our pick for getting the most out of his strength.

Guide to Garchomp Moves

In early levels, Garchomp starts off as a tiny little Gible. As Gible you start off with Bulldoze and Sand Attack. Hurl sand at your opponent, obscure their vision, and slow them in the process with Sand Attack. Follow it up with a Bulldoze AoE that damages nearby Pokémon and it can make for a nice early combo.

At level 6 be sure to select Dragon Rush for the newly names Gabite. Dragon Rush is a diving attack that shoves opposing Pokémon in a direction. Follow up with Dragon Claw and make quick work of your opponents.

At level 8 choose Dragon Claw. A Dragon Claw into Dragon Rush or vice versa is a powerful and devastating combo that can often put opposing Pokémon in a very bad situation. At this point, Gabite can claw and shove your opponent and finishes with an increase in speed.

At level 10 you fully evolve into Garchomp. With your passive ability, Rough Skin damage that you receive from opposing Pokémon is reflected back at them. Coupled with a Rocky Helmet the splash damage is significant. It’s not surprising that a good Garchomp player can take on multiple Pokémon at once. Although it’s never recommended to do so with this style of game.

Garchomp Guide to Gameplay

As a powerful all-rounder, Garchomp can be extremely fast. When playing be sure to engage with a Dragon Claw as you’ll immediately get a boost in speed and follow it up with a Dragon Rush to slam opponents and continue to swipe away at them quickly. Don’t forget that Dragon Rush is also a good way to get out of a sticky situation. Garchomp also has the ability to solo Dreadnaw and Rotom by himself so if the opposing team is busy elsewhere snag them up as quickly. Ambush play is also great as Garchomp as he can K.O. opponents very quickly. Especially when they do not see him coming.

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