Pokemon Uranium, Development Results For 9 Years

pokemon uranium

Pokemon go news. When the popularity of Pokemon Go reach out far and wide throughout the world, not surprisingly, there is a fan dedicates itself to create a project of games associated with passion.

Take the example of Pokemon Uranium. Developed by JV, Twitch and the Uranium Team, these games featuring new area named Tandor.

pokemon uranium

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Citing information from the Ubergizmo page, Tuesday (08/16/2016), the development of Pokemon Uranium take up to nine years.

It is quite amazing, considering that many developers are similar but can last longer.

Interestingly, although the Pokemon Uranium is a PC games, but still maintains the “soul” Pokemon games both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Pokemon Uranium will feature 150 different types and new types of Pokemon.

Not only adopting the graphics and gameplay, Pokemon Uranium also features where players can exchange or fight with other Pokemon trainers online.


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