Promoting Physical Products as a Pokemon Go Affiliate

pokemon go related products

One of the easiest ways to cash in on the popularity of the Pokemon Go phenomenon is to focus on affiliate sales of physical products. After all, this AR game is based on the other video games, which are originally based on the collectible trading card game that is and always has been a HUGE seller with kids of all ages.

A quick look at Amazon’s best sellers in Collectible Card Games shows a whopping 11 of the top 20 best selling items are Pokemon-related.

pokemon go related products

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Some of the other items in the top 20 are things like protective sleeves for the cards, so you could even see sales on those, too. Plus there are things like binders, starter packs, and collectible card packs with pins and badges that kids (and adults) can collect. These things sell consistently anyway, but with lots of newbies discovering Pokemon for the first time, now’s a great time to cash in on those people looking to get into the trading card phenomenon as well as the free app on their phones.

The Pokemon franchise also includes things like clothing, hats, backpacks, toys, video games, and books, all of which can be found on Amazon.

Here are some top-selling items from Amazon that feature Pokemon that you might like to promote:

Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards

Ultra Pro Pokemon X and Y 2″ 3-Ring Binder

Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball Belt

Pokemon Charizard Ex Box TCG Boosters 

Pokémon Small Plush XY Pikachu

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Baseball Snapback Cap Trainer Hat

Look for a boom in popularity of kids (and grownups) dressing as Ash, the boy Pokemon trainer from the animated series, for Halloween this year. Ash cosplay could be lucrative, too. Plus, because most of the items related to Pokemon are low-cost, there’s a good chance parents will add other items to their order to qualify for free shipping, so although you may not earn big affiliate income from the Pokemon items, you could still see sales from the additional items purchased at the same time.

There are several ways you could promote these physical items. If you happen to already have a site that promotes toys or video games, you’re set. Just promote Pokemon-related items on your existing site.

If you don’t have one, you could grab a cheap domain to promote products. I would steer clear of anything with Pokemon in the domain name in case you run into copyright issues, but you could create a toy site, one for collectible trading cards, or one that caters to geeks and gamers. These will all allow you to extend your promotion beyond the Pokemon franchise and include other trending products.

This is likely to have better long-term results, but if you just want to cash in on the Poke-craze, throw up a free WordPress site and promote affiliate links on it. Better yet, create Youtube videos reviewing the products on Amazon.

Be sure to give useful information in the videos about how to find Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game, how to train and power up your Pokemon in the video games, or any other Pokemon-related trivia and tips. The more helpful you are in your videos or blog posts, the better.

Have fun seeing how many different Pokemon-related products you can find to promote to your followers. In fact, just have fun with this phenomenon, period. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to make money on a trending craze, but it should also be a fun way to interact with your followers and enjoy a game that’s fun for all ages.

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