Ralts Day Guide: Pokémon GO’s August Community Day 2019



  • During Community Day, the spawn rate of the featured Pokemon is drastically high.
  • Shiny encounter rates are about 1 out of 24 during the event hours.
  • You may encounter shinies in the wild and from hatched eggs.
  • The themed research during the event is “Catch 3 Ralts” for extra Pokeballs, berries, and Stardust awards.
  • Lures will last for about three (3) hours.
  • ¼ egg hatch distance for eggs that are incubated after the start of Community Day
  • All Ralts evolved during and up to one hour after Community Day ends will receive the special, exclusive move, Synchronoise.

    • Charged TMs and learning a New Move will not yield exclusive move, Synchronoise.

    • The trainer must evolve a Kirlia during CD (and up to one hour after) in local timezone to receive the move Synchronoise.

Credit: Pokemon GO Hub infograph
Date: Saturday, August 3rd, 2019
Ralts Day from 4 to 7 PM, local timezone
Exclusive move evolution allowance from 4 PM to 8 PM, local time

 Ralts 100% IV Chart

This chart shows what level and CP your Ralts should be to be an IV of 100%

  • Weather-boosted Ralts will appear when conditions are Cloudly and Windy

Hating Eggs: 1/4 Distance

This chart shows a comparison of the types of eggs, incubators, and the walking distance you need to hatch them.

Egg Type2 km5 km7 km10 km
Regular incubator.5 km1.25 km1.75 km2.5 km
Super incubator.33 km.83 km1.17 km1.67 km
Normal vs shiny

Recommended Items

Star Piece – Have this on when you’re about to hatch all your Eggs from incubation. The 2x hatch bonus will come into play and help you earn extra Stardust for power-ups and trades.

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Egg incubator / Super incubators – This is obvious when Ralts Community Day has 1/4 distance hatch. With as many eggs as you’ll hatch, don’t forget to clear out space in your Pokemon storage for the hatches and Ralts spawn you’ll be catching.

Pokeballs – Stalk up on extra Great and Ultra Pokeballs before the event to better have a heavy stock to run down as you’re playing Community Day. While some Trainers discard regular Pokeballs, it can’t hurt to keep some around to be safe.

Raid Passes – During the Bonus hours, Tyrantiar will have Smack Down. Raid with it with a Lucky Egg & Star Piece on, and you’ll have a high chance your TTar encounter will have Smack Down.

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