Team Rocket Battle Guide: Normal doesn’t mean weak


As a part of our Team Rocket Invasion series, we are going to publish an eight-part series that details the best counters Poke Trainers should try out when they’re battling Team Rocket pokestops.

Counters Recommended:
1. Machamp
2. Breloom / Hariyama + Tyranitar, if Zubat / Charizard
3. Ice-type like Glaceon, Mamoswine, Weavile, Cloyster or Lapras, if Dragonite

Frequency of this encounter: 18.5%
Battle prompt: “Normal doesn’t mean weak.”

Team Rocket Grunts that call out this battle taunt before the battle screen is likely to use Normal-types such as Rattata, Raticate, Snorlax. It’s rare that the sequence would be Zubat, Charizard and Dragonite. The additional Tyranitar is for the rare sequence since they take less damage from Fighting-type but increased damage from Rock-type.

Special note: Snorlax encounters require a separate strategy. See our guide about what are Snorlax’s weaknesses and counters?
This article will be updated as new counters and information become available. 

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