Teens Brazil Love Pokemon Go More than Rio Olympic

Teens Brazil Love Pokemon Go

Pokemon go news. Forget it a match of beach volleyball, soccer and even tennis. Moreover, the discussion about the sport. Apparently, Pokemon Go more attractive in the eyes of Brazil teenagers than Rio Olympics held in their own country.

Teens Brazil Love Pokemon Go

Hundreds of teenagers were seen spending time in the garden, Rio de Janeiro, Saturday, August 13, 2016, instead of talking about the Olympics, but engrossed looking down at cell phone hunt Pokemon monsters. The game was released two days before the Olympic Games have made the Brazilian teenage infatuation.

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“I went to watch the match Brazil against Sweden. However, since there are Pokemon Go, I began to lose interest in watching the Olympics,” said a student named Laurdes Drummond, as reported by VentureBeat, Mingggu (08/14/2016).

The game had been drugged people around the world, including Brazil.

According to the third largest mobile service company in Brazil, Claro, there are 2 million users to download Pokemon Go specifically in the area of Rio alone, since the game was released on 3 August.

According to company executives, more than users are in or near the Olympic venues to hunt Pokemon monsters.

In fact, the athletes did not miss. Gymnastics athletes from Japan, Kohei Uchimura, download a game that when he arrived in Brazil before Pokemon Go Home Affairs official in the Samba. He barely spent $ 5,000 just for international call charges as a result of Pokemon Go.

Fortunately, Uchimura get two gold medals and became the first man to do the movements back-to-back perfectly all the 40 years in the history of world gymnastics.

“There is an interest to watch the Olympics here,” said social commentator, Joao Carlos Barssani that he himself sought Pokemon.

“When someone shouted ‘I’m meeting a monster!’, Others immediately ran over to him,” he said later.

Although not a sports game that requires physical strength, at least Pokemon Go make teenagers ‘butt lift’ of the house, walking looking monster.

“I was more like at home, but since there are Pokemon Go, every time I asked my mom to the store, I’m ready,” said Rafael Barros Moura.

Barssani also said the game is to change the use of a public park in Brazil that have high crime rates. People are now busy using gardens formerly abandoned because of fear of crime.


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