The Best Pokémon Unite Settings

We’re breaking down our favorite customizable settings for both the new and experienced players. The default settings get the jump done, but these are the best Pokémon Unite settings to improve your game.

The first Pokémon MOBA has finally been released, and so far, it’s everything we want to see. Pokémon Unite does a fine job of easing you into the action with various default settings that have served our team of new and experienced players well. But there’s always room for improvement, right? Our investigations have turned up a list of settings that we recommend customizing to give you a better experience and more control over gameplay. Here are is our list of the best Pokémon Unite settings for optimal gameplay.

Should You Change Your Settings?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already interested in improving your game experience. On top of that, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about a competitive-style game. Let alone the intimidation of playing with strangers. Our entire team has spent some time with the game, both new and experienced, as we’re happy to report that this game is a fantastic introduction to the world of MOBAs. Spend some time in the tutorials and the practice area, and then jump right in. Pokémon Unite is a low-pressure game, and the simple gameplay will let you focus on improving rather than the controls.

We’re here to help get you started—stay tuned for future beginner gameplay tips! Our setting recommendations are a great place to start.

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If you’re already an experienced player and looking for tips to improve your game, this article is also for you. We’re breaking down our favorite customizable settings after spending several hours playing Pokémon Unite. While the default settings get the jump done, making some tweaks will improve your experience that much more.

Now that we’ve established that Pokémon Unite optimizations are for everyone, what are the best Pokémon Unite settings? Let’s break them down.

Best Pokémon Unite Settings to Change

Frame Rate

By default, your Frame Rate is set to Medium in your System Settings, which will cap your FPS at 30 while in handheld or docked mode. We personally recommend setting your frame rate to High right off the bat. You always want to maximize the games’ performance when playing. Why wouldn’t you want to be playing at 60 FPS?

Basic Control Settings

Under control settings, we recommend choosing the Opponent Lock-On Priority that suits your playstyle. If you choose Lowest Remaining HP (Percent), you will be opting to lock on to the Pokémon with the lowest percentage of health. Keep in mind that Pokémon differ in HP pools. Lowest Remaining (Value) just means you will lock on to the Pokémon with the least amount of HP. Selecting Closest will lock on to the nearest Pokémon in your vicinity.

Attack Controls

We most certainly recommend you switch your controls to advanced controls. Often in an engagement, your Pokémon will switch targets and attack a wild Pokémon in a fight, leading you to lose your focus. This setting allows you to prioritize your attack between opposing Pokémon and wild Pokémon.

Automatic Basic Attacks

This setting should be switched off so that you can have more control over your attack gauge. Most Pokémon in the game have a special 3rd attack that can deal increased damage and even deal various status effects. For example, Pikachu’s boosted attack deals increased damage and can paralyze opposing Pokémon for a short time when it hits. To view every single Pokémon’s basic attack and what they do, check your Pokémon’s Basic Attack section in their Move Descriptions menu.

Boosted Attack Gauge

This setting goes hand in hand with the previous section. Turn this on to get a visual representation of a Pokémon’s life bar and to see what basic attack your Pokémon is on.

Lock-On Icon

This setting is possibly one of the key settings to turn on and one that we feel should have been part of the tutorial. Turning it on adds a visual of all nearby Pokémon within attack range. With the right joystick, you can prioritize which Pokémon you want to target.

In-Motion Pursuit Mode

Any setting that takes away control from you is a setting we recommend turning off. In-Motion Pursuit will often move your character towards your opponent in battle and put you in bad situations.

Scoring Controls

We recommend you set this to Press Button. This change will allow you to make a single input when scoring goals freeing your hands up for any reaction you may need should you encounter an opponent.

Move Aim Follows Movement Direction

Move Aim Follows Movement Direction will allow you to set up attacks in the direction you’re moving. We recommend having this set to on.

Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Pokémon

Yet another setting in which will impact your control over your Pokémon. Make sure you turn this setting off for complete control.

Camera Sensitivity

The higher the sensitivity, the better. This setting change will allow you to quickly pan the map and get a view of the battlefield much faster. It will take a little to get used to but maximizing this setting will minimize the amount of time you spend surveying the field of play.

Aim Assist Settings

By now, you get the gist that the more control you have over your character, the better. Be sure to turn this completely off for total control.

Button Settings

Don’t forget that you can fully customize your experience, so if you’re having trouble familiarizing yourself with the controls of Pokémon Unite, then be sure to make use of this section.

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Advanced Pokémon Controls

As you might notice from our list of the best settings for Pokémon Unite, we feel that complete control over your Pokémon’s movement is a significant key to success. When settings are left unchecked and automated actions can lead to sticky situations. However, you may find that letting the game do some of the work is better for you, especially if you are a beginner struggling to get comfortable. We encourage you to try out all of the settings and select the best Pokémon Unite settings for you now. As you get more comfortable, increase your control with additional optimizations until you figure out the best Pokémon Unite settings for you then.


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