The Most Searched Pokemon Character in Pokemon GO

most searched pokemon

Pokemon Go that have been released by Niantic has become one of the most widely played game in the world. Not yet reached a matter of months since launch, the popularity of Pokemon GO is ready to overtake Twitter and Tinder.

most searched pokemon

Since there are Pokemon GO, singles are busy hunting the new Pokemon that would help level up. But what the hell are the most searched pokemon character in Pokemon GO?

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Most searched Pokemon character in Pokemon GO

Before there was Pokemon GO, we bet you did not know the Doduo monster right? But since there are Pokemon GO, Doduo and so Dodrio monster figure most ubiquitous. So you also get to know him. Unlike the Doduo, Dodrio, Rattata, and Zubat that were encountered, the following Pokemon become much sought after in the Pokemon GO.

1. Pikachu

Funny monster figure who faithfully accompany Ash Pokemon adventure is a figure most easily remembered by the player. But apparently the existence of Pikachu in Pokemon Go games somewhat difficult to find. Even as early Pokemon figure, to make Pikachu as the first Pokemon in Pokemon GO also need a special trick. How to get Pikachu in Pokemon GO you can read in the article How to Get Pikachu when playing Pokemon Go.

2. Gyarados

If you play Pokemon GO game, surely familiar with the figure of a blue dragon monster that is in her early look right? It is Gyarados. His figure is much sought after because it is in the other Pokemon games also need a high level to achieve it.

With Dragon figure dashing and cool, as well as the need to achieve a high level, the presence much be expected by Pokemon GO players. Who’ve never met Gyarados in Pokemon GO?

3. Magikarp

If you intend to have the Gyarados figure but never find it, then you can collect Magikarp. The golden koi fish figure are initial formation which will evolve into Gyarados. Unfortunately you have to collect 400 Magicarp candy to be able to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados. So do not be surprised if Magikarp the most requested in Pokemon GO.

4. Eevee

Pokemon Eevee is a monster figure which is also much sought after. Because Eeevee figure could evolve into 3 types of Pokemon, namely Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. Unique right? Because others can only evolve into one of the new Pokemon, while Eevee can choose among the three.

5. Dragonite

Dragonite is the last change of Dratini. In contrast to the change of Dratini to Dragonair that it only took 25 Dratini candy, from Dragonair become Dragonite all you need 100 Dratini candy! Interestingly, Dragonite in Pokemon GO supposedly already ubiquitous presence in Indonesia. That’s why so many people who hunt Dragonite.

6. Mew

If you are Pokemon fans, must already know the unique and rare figure of Mewtwo. Reportedly up to now there has been no confirmation whether right or not Mewtwo in Pokemon GO. But you can outsmart the hunt Mew. Why Mew? Because Mew is an early form before it evolved into Mewtwo.

Ok, that was sixth most searched Pokemon character in Pokemon GO.

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