The Rock or Hugh Jackman Will be a Pikachu in Pokemon Movies?

pokemon movies

The plan to work on a live action movie from a popular game adaptation,  Pokemon, keeps rolling. The latest news, the studio that handles the film is Legendary Pictures, is eyeing a number of great actors to come into play in this movie.

Quoted from Cinema BlendThe Hashtag Show reported that there are at least four actors who are targeted to star in this movie. They are Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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pokemon movies

Surprisingly enough, in this report mentioned that these actors are ogled to fill Pikachu’s voice. The actor will also fill the movement of Pokemon characters yellow color through motion capture techniqueHowever, the four actors are mentioned have not met formally with the studio to discuss about the role in this film.

Pokemon live action movie project actually has started widely heard since last year. Precisely when the Pokemon Go game was loved by various circles.

The film is rumored to be adapted from the game titled Great Detective Pikachu. The film will focus on two teenage characters named Tim and Lucy. Tim is searching for his missing father, assisted by Lucy who is a junior investigative reporter.

In this quest, the team was forced to accompany a Pokemon, namely Pikachu.



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