This is Why Iran Not Participate in Pokemon Go Euphoria

iran prohibit pokemon go

The euphoria of the Pokemon Go game booming can not be felt by the citizens of Iran. Because authorities there prohibits the application for security reasons.

The decision was taken by the High Council of Virtual Spaces, the official body that oversees the government’s online activity.

iran prohibit pokemon go

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Iran follows a number of other countries are expressing concern over the security of the country, related to the game. According to the BBC, published on Monday (08/08/2016), Capital was the first country to issue a ban on Pokemon Go.

Before the ban Pokemon Go, citizens in Iran have discussed restrictions on Internet use social media in recent weeks.

The Iranian government has also been given a deadline to the creators of the game Pokemon Go, before making a decision on the ban.

Pros and Cons of Pokemon Go

Game Pokemon Go also controversy in Indonesia. Although not yet officially banned by the government, police banned from playing games monster hunt was on duty. Important places such as the presidential palace and military headquarters was forbidden to enter the relevant.

A prominent Saudi cleric also issued a fatwa that Pokemon-themed game. Mentioned that the games it contains images of illegal and violate the Islamic ban on gambling.

Earlier this week, authorities in the state of New York said they would ban the 3,000 defendants charged immoral play Pokemon Go while in prison.

This ban is aimed at keeping the safety of children playing games.


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