ditto pokemon go

Today I’m going to tell you how to catch a Ditto with a brand new trick in pokemon go. So I knew that many people are still stuck. In a new quest number 5, where we have to catch a Ditto.

ditto pokemon go

So basically the genuine pokemons like reddit, RPG, ghastly and Zubat, the Gentoo pokemons like Sentret hoot-hoot and yanma and the gen 3 pokemons like gulping, Taillow, Zigzagoon and Whismur can turn into a Ditto. So you have to catch all of this that spawns near you. but recently Pokemon go hub has published a new guide or trick to capture ditto quite easily in Pokemon go.

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in this method they used the current dynamic weather system of Pokemon go. Let me explain it to you. In the game where the system posts certain types of pokemons, we can use this system to find it. The weather boosted Pokemon is indicated by a blue pale circle around it.

So Ditto which is a normal-type pokémon and it is boosted by partly cloudy weather. we can exploit this fact by looking out for and non-normal types that aren’t boosted, that are boosted when they shouldn’t be or are invested when they should be.

So let me just explain it to you clearly. so first search for a yanma, Zubat, gastly and gulping. if any of them are boosted in a partly cloudy weather then definitely it’s Ditto.

Second, yanma is boosted in rainy weather so during a rainy day, search for a yanma that isn’t boosted that will probably turn into a ditto.

Third. Yanma, PG, Taillow who tooth and Zubat are boosted by windy weather as they are all the flying types. try to find one of these which isn’t boosted in windy windy weather, it will be turn into a dito.

Four. Zubat, gastly, gulping our boosted when it’s cloudy as they are deep wasn’t types search for any of them which isn’t boosted in the cloudy weather.

Five. Ghastly is boosted in fog weather as it’s a ghost-type pokemon. so search for a ghastly which isn’t boosted in a fog weather that will definitely turn into a riddle. so try to work on these five methods and hopefully you will be able to get a ditto.




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