Tips How to Restore Pokemon GO Account are Banned

pokemon go banned

Pokemon Go Tips. Since crowded news Niantic will banning Pokemon Go fraudulent players, many players are so paranoid if they can not get into Pokemon Go. So, Are your Pokemon Go account getting banned by Niantic?

pokemon go banned

Long before Niantic doing massive banned, there are Soft Banned ever before. What is soft banned? Soft banned is a warning to the player when committing fraud, the account can not be used. The characteristics of Pokemon GO account soft banned is can’t be used for playing and collecting items in PokeStop, as well as all the Pokemon captured would be constantly blurred.

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Because it is ‘soft’, soft banned is valid for 45 minutes to 3 hours only. How to cope with soft banned is to visit 45 PokeStop during the banned period, which is actually if calculated would spend nearly 3 hours.

Well, unlike the soft banned, this time Niantic undertake massive banned with the Permanent Banned risk. Not only can not be used to rotate PokeStop and catch Pokemon, if you got permanent bannned then you can no longer access your Pokemon GO account FOREVER.

Permanent banned can happen to you that recalcitrant. Niantic impose a permanent ban on Pokemon GO if you’re still constantly cheating using Pokemon GO BOT or other applications even though they had frequent soft banned. Using Pokemon GO BOT will surely make you get banned permanently.

pokemon go banned acount

How to Restore the Pokémon GO Permanent Account Banned

Niantic is notorious. Felt their game rigged continuously, this time Niantic impose a permanent ban by giving notice via email. Previously Niantic impose for the rigging locations, as well as close access API tracking application.

When you receive the email, then automatically your account can not be used to play Pokemon GO. Well, if you do not feel cheated never wear Fake GPS, Pokemon GO BOT or other software but got banned from Niantic email, you can reply to email by including evidence that you are not cheating. Or via Pokemon GO incoming links Banned  Appeal.

But keep in mind, this only applies if you really never cheated at all. If any ‘signs’ that you’ve cheated Pokemon GO or other spoofer location, it can be sure your Pokemon GO account will get banned permanent.

Creating a New Account

If your appeal process to Niantic do not respond, then your Pokemon Go account can not be used again.  It’s better you create a new Pokemon GO account. How to create a new Pokemon Go account on Android for you who got banned very easy. You can use your Google account or create Pokemon Trainer Club account.

By creating a new account, then you will have new data. Well, the new account is the same as the punishment banned in the form of roll back the account to level 1. Equally have to start from beginning. But at least you can still hunt Pokemon right?

Well, that’s two ways to restore the Pokemon GO account got banned. So, do not cheat again play Pokemon GO!


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