Top 10 BEST Pokemon In Pokemon GO

best pokemon go

Today are we taking a look at the top 10 best Pokemon in Pokemon go. Let’s get right into. Number 10. Charizard. The final evolution of Charmander, Charizard is a fire and dragon-type pokémon that is just an absolute beast.

best pokemon in pokemon go

He’s really good at attacking and taking gyms and I feel like he’s really difficult to get because where I live I can barely find any Charmander sore Charmeleon to catch. Anyways Charizard has a base attack of 212 and a base defense of 180, to the highest CP any Charizard can have is 2602.

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Number 9. Muk. I was a bit surprised that muck beats out chars her but I guess overall it just has the higher potential for CP. Evolving from Grimer muk is a poison type pokemon that has a base attack of 180. It also has a base defense of 188. the maximum potential for the highest CP muk you could find is 2602.90 so that means it can only get point 7 be more than a Charizard.

Number 8. Flareon. The fire evolution of Eevee flareon is the second best version. But seriously it’s so useful if you’re trying to take out gyms. It has a base attack of 238 making it super useful if there’s any grass or electric pokemon defending the gym.

Its primary move is Ember which does a significant amount of damage but it also has like fire blast, flamethrower or heat wave that really helps just demolish anything in its way. The highest CP of Flareon can have is 2,643

Number 7. Gyarados. Yes I know it’s Gyarados, it’s not guy Erdos, I was just really sleepy in the rarest Pokemon video and I guess I just had such a huge backlash. Anyways if you’re lucky enough to get four hundred Magikarp candy which is ridiculously hard.

But if you do you get yourself a flying dragon Gyarados. It either has bite or dragon breath but instead of having a really high attack or defense. it’s all relatively around the same area of a hundred ninety. So the highest CPU can get for a Gyarados is 2688.89

Number 6. Vaporeon. The actual best evolution of Eevee is Vaporeon rather than Jolteon which is the worst or Flareon which we just talked about is the second-best. Vaporeon has a base attack of 186 it has a base defense of 168.

So where it lacks an attack in the fence it truly makes up in stamina, which is 260 it allows you to attack much faster than any other Pokemon and that’s why it’s so good the highest possible CP you can get for a Vaporeon is 2816.25

Number 5. Exeggutor. Totally unexpected but exeggutor is not only better than Charizard and Gyarados but it’s also better than Vaporeon. It evolves from an execute and has a base attack of 232 in a base defense of 164. It’s crazy to think about but an exeggutor can literally get almost 3,000 CP. Well I mean I guess it’s actually 2955.18

Number 4. Lapras. The first in this list to not have any sort of evolution. Lapras is an ice and water pokemon that you can get from 10-kilometer eggs. They have a really good attack defense and stamina stats and barely beats out the executor for the number four spot. The maximum CP that a lapper escape is 2980.73

Number 3. Arcanine. The final evolution of growlithe is arcanine who is probably one of my favorite Pokemon personally. Arcanine has a base attack of 230 in a base defense of 180 so he’s really good when trying to defeat gems. The other has bite or fire Fang which makes him really excellent when trying to battle. Tmaximum CP and arcanine can have is 2983.9

Number 2. Snorlax. So in the rarest Pokemon video I was wondering if they were gonna add in munchlax. but the problem with that is munchlax is actually a different generation and that’s why he’s not in.

Pokemon go only has generation 1 and munchlax is a completely different generation and that’s why he’s currently not in. so that means that Snorlax currently doesn’t have any evolution in Pokemon go but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the best. I’ve seen him twice personally but only caught him once.

My Snorlax has 1,300 CP but if you get to level 40 the max you can get is 3112.85. Snorlax has one of the highest HP counts in the game right now and does a lot of damage, so he’s really good.

Number 1. Dragonite. The best pokemon in Pokemon goes so far is Dragonite. It starts out as a dratini which then involves into a dragon heir and obviously then into a Dragonite. It has a base attack of 250 and a base defense of 212, so it’s amazing for battling.

Believe it or not but dragon I’d actually has more potential for CP than Mew and all the legendary birds which is Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos. The only Pokemon that is better than dragonite in Pokemon go at the moment is Mewtwo who currently isn’t in the game.

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But Mewtwo can get a maximum CP a 4144.75. Anyways that doesn’t matter. The highest CPU can get for a Dragonite as of right now is 3500.06. So that’s our list of the top 10 best Pokemon in Pokemon go.

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