Top 10 Pokemon Go Secrets You Didn’t Know About

pokemon go secret

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the top 10 secrets you didn’t know about Pokemon go. Number 10. So in Pokemon go obviously the higher the level you are the better you are at the game. Most people as of right now who play Pokemon go a lot are between levels 20 to 30.

pokemon go secret

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the maximum level you can get in the game is level 40. So does this mean that everyone’s gonna get bored of Pokemon go really soon since they’re almost at the max level, probably not.

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Considering the first 20 levels of experience you need to get in Pokemon go equal out to like 1 levels worth of experience once you get to level 30. You’d need to get 50,000 experience every single day for a year straight to get to level 40. But there’s still a limit and one guy who use the bots in the game actually got to level 40.

Number 9. So far our Pokemon go we have pokeballs great balls in ultra balls. now even sometimes when you give a Pokemon a raspberry and you hit it dead on with an ultra ball it could still escape. so is there a better alternative to an ultra ball when you get to a higher level.

Technically yes there is we have the master ball. the problem with this however is that the master ball isn’t in the game yet but it has been found in the game files. it might get released when generation 2 a Pokemon release in the game but for now the master ball currently isn’t in.

Number 8. The best and worst part about Pokemon Go is that it’s so easy to use on your phone. the problem for YouTube and sharing Pokemon Go is that you have to share it with vertical video. that means that we’re always going to have to see those really annoying black bars on the side.

But that’s not actually true, you can actually play pokemon go in landscape mode. all you have to do to play in landscape mode is turn your device sideways go to settings report high priority issue and then hit yes.

It should open Safari if you’re on a knife but simply just hit the home button and go back to Pokemon go. now you should be able to play in landscape mode which is better for videos but if you’re just trying to play for fun you probably want to stick to the normal version.

Number 7. Naming your Pokemon in Pokemon go is truly all about preference. I myself don’t like to name my Pokemon, but I see a lot of people like to name their favorites. if you want to be really unique and stand out to everyone else you can actually change the way your Pokemon name looks by using HTML code.

So if you wanted to italicize a pokemons name, for example we’ll use Abra just type in a specific little code before and after its name it’ll actually italicize it. you can also make your pokemons name bold by replacing the eye with a bee. I’ve never actually seen a youtube video post about this so hopefully it’s double you guys as well.

Number 6. This one’s a bit more obvious but if you haven’t played Pokemon go essentially it’s a little easter egg in the game that I’ll show you now. in the beginning of Pokemon go you’re faced with either getting Charmander, Bulbasaur or squirtle.

But if you walk around just a bit farther you can actually get a Pikachu instead of those three now. I wouldn’t recommend getting him though since you’re really gonna want to get either a Charmander or squirtle. but if you could choose your thing go for it. I’ve mentioned it in a few of my videos now but just in case you didn’t know that well now you know.

Number 5. One thing that I used to do all the time is pop an incense while on board and at home. so that no matter what I could still catch a lot of Pokemon. now the problem with this is if you stand still you’ll encounter a pokemon every 300 seconds.

But if you move about 200 meters each minute you’ll encounter one every 60 seconds. so this means that you’re five times more likely to find a Pokemon from your incense if you’re walking running or anything like that. so save your incense until you finally go outside to get the most of it.

Number 4. Now we talked about how getting to level 40 means you finish the game. so does that mean people who are level 4 to get the highest possible CP Pokemon. technically speaking no, wild pokemon cap at level 30 so anything you catch in the wild passed that point will have level 30 stats.

That means if your level 30 and your buddy is level 40 and you both stumble across the same Dragonite it’s likely to have the same CP. now the doesn’t mean however that when evolving it’ll have the same stats. the higher the level you are the higher CP it gets. so let’s say you both have a super powerful dragon era. well once you both evolve it it’s likely your friend will have any better Dragonite

Number 3. Just like the pikachu start a trick if you watch our videos quite frequently you’ll know about the Eevee evolution trick. Eevee is one of the best Pokemon in the first 20 levels or so because once you evolve it into a Vaporeon flareon or Jolteon it’s likely to be the best out of all your Pokemon.

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If you didn’t already know however vaporeon has the highest potential for getting the maximum amount of CP. so if you change the name of your Eevee before you evolve a trainer once you finally evolve it it’ll be a Vaporeon.

Now if you change the name of the Eevee to Sparky and then evolve it it’ll become a Jolteon and finally if you change Eevee’s name to pyro before you evolve it it’ll be a flareon. it’s a neat trick that’s been confirmed by the Pokemon go devs and that’s why I wanted it to be our number three spot.

Number 2. So just about everyone knows in Pokemon go we can’t get any legend areas like mu mu to Articuno Zapdos or Moltres. but what you might not have known is a ditto the purple blob pokemon that can transform into anything isn’t actually in the game either.

I’ve read about a few theories that involves ditto actually being in the game now and him just being a giant Easter Egg. so I’ll go ahead and read the most popular ones now. so the first theory suggests that ditto is hiding as a starter Pokemon which is either squirtle Bulbasaur Charmander or Pikachu.

They have the same flee rate as ditto so therefore maybe ditto could be disguised as one of them. another major theory is a ditto could be hiding in the background as like a rock or something and by tapping on it it could actually allow us to capture ditto. those are the most popular but for now no one has seen or captured ditto.

Number 1. Pokemon go is likely going to be the game of the year for 2016. with over a hundred million users it stormed the world and even the most unlikely people are playing it. but what you probably didn’t know is that the overall idea of Pokemon Go started as one big prank.

Google Maps uploaded a video to YouTube that actually looked really similar to Pokemon ghost trailer where they showed people capturing Pokemon on their phone but in real life. the video is uploaded the day before April 1st in 14 so everyone got pranked into thinking that catching Pokemon go in real life would ever come true. little did they know that it was only two years away.




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