Top 10 Pokemon To Save Candy For In Gen 4

gen 4 pokemon go

Today’s we’re going to be taking a look at the Pokemon that are currently in Pokemon go that are going to get an evolution in generation 4. These are the Pokemon that you’re going to want to save up the best ones that you possibly can, and also try to save up some candy. Because they could actually have quite an impact once generation 4 gets introduced into Pokemon to go but without further ado. Let’s get in to the list.

gen 4 pokemon go

Number 10. Number ten is going to be a tie between Leafeon and Glaceon. I know some of you fans are a huge fan of either Leafeon or Glaceon. I know Bennett is a huge fan of Glaceon shout out to Bennett if he is in the comments section.

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These two Pokemon are going to be somewhere around the likes of maybe SP on. a little bit short of what Vaporeon is in the meta but definitely going to be some really cool Pokemon. I think personally, I Stipe is a little underwhelming in the current meta but I guess if enough of them get good enough. then they’re they’re going to have to be dealt with.

but I think grass has a really strong hold in the current meta. and I can see Leafeon being a third or fourth there kind of like that fifth option. maybe behind it’s something like a sceptile of Venus or an executor it would just kind of act more of the glass cannon of all of those, so definitely cool to see these Pokemon.

Number 9. Yanmega with the max EP of two thousand eight hundred and seventy-three. Yanmega is a dual type Pokemon a bug and then also flying type. yanmega evolves from yanma. the most annoying Pokemon to catch in the game. but this might give you the reason to actually try to go catch them.

when you see them don’t try to pass them up especially if you do get a high IV one having a bug type Pokemon around that 2900 range. it’s actually pretty crazy the only other ones that I can think of that are kind of around that would be like a and a heracross ass is or isn’t even quite at this. so that just kind of gives you the placement and just goes to show that yanmega could be a good option.

Number 8 electivire. with a maxi P of 2904. electivire looks so awesome is a pure electric type pokémon evolves from electabuzz, so yet another generation one pokemon that gets its evolution. electivire is going it to definitely be relevant. it’s not going to top the charts over raikou or Zapdos.

but i can easily see it fall a little bit short of that maybe around where Jolteon is. I would say that it’s kind of like the the filler of the type, that you would want to have. you definitely want to have one on your team if you don’t have these more expensive Pokemon especially being’s going to kind of be the poor man’s at Zapdos, the poor man’s raikou, something that everyone’s going to be able to have and definitely going to be reliable.

Number 7, Mag mortar. when the max CP of two thousand nine hundred and eighty so very close to cracking the three thousand CP. mag mortar is a pure fire type Pokemon and evolves from magmar. and just to kind of give you some scale.

Mac mortar actually has a higher CP then Charizard does in the game. isn’t going to be the best of the best? no I think that it’s going to be very similar to the last Pokemon that we just talked about. it’s not going to be able to beat int a it’s not going to be able to beat mulches but it does hold a place in the top five if not top 10 absolutely for sure.

and something that you want to make sure that you hold on to. especially if you are hatching eggs and have a mag beat and you end up getting a very high IV one I would hold on to it because mag mortar is going to be something that you definitely want to hold on to.

Number 6. Magnezone. with a maxi P of 2996. once again getting very close to the 3000 CP mark. Magnezone is a dual type Pokemon of electric and also steel and evolves from Magneton. so once again another generation one family tree getting an extra evolution. Magnezone is going to have a similar fate as electivire did.

where it isn’t going to be the best electric-type pokémon but it is going to be a solid option. especially something kind of fun to play with since it will be new. I could imagine that it would have some really cool it isn’t going to crack that top 3 spot but it definitely has a good mid-range value.

Number 5. porygon Z. with a Maxie P of 3072. this is the first Pokemon to crack that 3000 CP. mark poor Yan Zi evolves from porygon to. basically it’s going to act like the porygon family does. where it’s sort of the Swiss Army knife it knows a lot of moves.

it is going to be just a better version a porygon – I think poor yan – isn’t quite good enough to actually be useful. but maybe with porygon Z stats it will push it in to that useful range and people will be excited to use it.

Number 4. Tangrowth with a maxi pia 3110. tangrowth evolves from tangler. yet another generation one pokemon and is a pure grass type. ten growth is going to be a Pokemon that would theoretically be useful. it’s going to once again hover from that three to maybe six the place.

I don’t think it’s going to outpace, something like an executor or sceptile. but it could theoretically outperform a Venus or we’re just gonna have to see. but I do think it’s something that you need to make sure that you’re saving candy for.

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You’re not trying to do anything with it or you’re not skipping, using or catching tangle as you need to hold off enough to evolve. it more than likely it’s probably just going to be fifty candies to be able to do so but something that you should look forward to in the future.

Number 3, Togekiss with a max EP of three thousand one hundred and seventy one. This is a Pokemon that you may not have seen coming. togekiss evolves from togetic, and is a dual type Pokemon just like togetic, is a fairy and then also flying type.

and it is a lot higher than what I personally would have expected. so that could honestly make it useful. if Togekiss gets a very good fairy type moves that it could basically become the Dragon Slayer of Pokemon go. but once again we really need that good fairy type combination of moves.

we need something with a lot of damage and then even on the quick moves as well. just so a fairy type can be competitive in Pokemon go.

Number 2. we have Mamoswine. This is something to be very excited about with a maxi Pia 3289.. Mamoswine is a dual type Pokemon of ice and then also ground. so Mamoswine evolved from pillow swimming.

it’s going to act similar as far as the typing goes but it’s just going to be a better version of it and as you can see nearing out at 3300 CB.Mamoswine is going to be an absolute monster. I would imagine it being used highly against some flying-type pokémon. something that could actually have a lot of use in the meta.

Number 1. This is something that I am personally very excited about, because once again, it is going to be very useful in the meta and that is rhyperior with the Max EP of 3000 869. rhyperior is a dual type Pokemon of ground and also rock. rhyperior evolves from ride on.

ride on is already a relevant pokemon in the meta. the only difference is is that it’s a tax that although it isn’t that great if it got an update in the Musa we could see a better ground type attacker. already we have a better rock type attacker then ride on with something like golem.

but if we can get some updated ground type moves you will totally see rhyperior owning the scene immediately taking away from other Pokemon. it isn’t gonna quite be up there with Groudon. but it’s definitely going to hold that number two to number three spot quite easily.

so anyways I hope you did enjoy this article. I hope that you found it helpful I’m hoping that I’m inspiring you to go ahead and save up the candies for this. and then when generation four drops you will be ready to go but if you did enjoy this article be sure to drop a like and subscribe.



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