Top 10 Tips for Playing Pokémon Go

pokemon go tips

Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 tips for playing Pokemon go. First you have no idea what you’re doing it’ll be a long time till you’re a Pokemon master, like a million years. for this list we’re taking a look at the most useful pointers that’ll help Pokemon go players feed the favori best and catch them all.

pokemon go tips

Number 10, Stay aware of the real world. as quite possibly the most addictive gaming app of all time it’s easy to lose oneself in the world of Pokemon go.however the game’s augmented reality mustn’t distract players from actual reality. otherwise you could walk off a cliff or crash your car into a tree. in fact while we’re at it please don’t play while driving at all we don’t care. if Pikachu’s in the middle of a highway causing a pileup isn’t worth it the driver of the rav4 told investigators that he was looking down playing the Pokemon Go game when he struck the patrol car. remember to be especially cautious of your surroundings when you’re hunting at night. one minute you could be catching a Rattata or you know ignoring the fifth punch with one that you’ve seen and the next you could be getting robbed fall into a pond or nailed by a cyclist seriously, don’t stop to catch a Pokemon while you’re on a bike path.

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Number 9, Search for landmark pokey stops. so this is what I’m activating right now as you can see it gives me pokeballs three of them and a potion. while Pokemon Go has caused some people to lose touch with reality the game has also miraculously convinced people to go outside sunscreen check in addition to hunting Pokemon players must uncover pokey stops in order to gain potions pokeballs and eggs. these blue icons can be found all over the place although parks in particular are known for having multiple hot spots. pokey stops are often linked to local landmarks which typically supply better in-game items for 30 minutes. while you’re walking around or even just standing still Pokemon will come to you so you can just catch anybody. if a special event or promotion is happening at any of these locations rare Pokemon could potentially be lured out to play. these as can get especially crowded too so be sure to play nice and remember point 10, 3 there we go we oughtta is there like an orange team I didn’t know.

Number 8, avoid unnecessary data usage. a lot of people concerned about how much data this game uses despite being free to play this game can cost you a bundle and not only through in-app purchases if your phone bill recently went through the roof it’s possibly because Pokemon go is consuming a lot more than just your free time. so it’s about 10 megabytes per hour. ok that’s how much oh come on go uses up your data if you don’t have unlimited data and need to watch that limit there are things you can do for example all we switch back to your personal Wi-Fi network as soon as you get home or stick to areas that provide free Wi-Fi like restaurants. if you go to school and get Wi-Fi on campus that’s a great way to stay mobile and cover a large area without using your own data. setting a mobile data limit certainly doesn’t hurt either above all else though try to play the game in moderation people.

Number 7, Keep the app open to hatch mentioned before eggs are among the several items available at pokey stops once. the player puts an egg in an incubator they’ll need to walk to five or ten kilometres to hatch it. keep in mind however that there is a speed limit the game won’t register your distance if you travel over 20 miles per hour. in other words you can’t just get in a car and drive round to speed up the hatching process it’s best to keep the app open when you’re walking anywhere. even if you’re getting up to go to the bathroom every step makes a bit of a difference.

Number 6, Poach a neutral Jim. anyway I heard there’s a gym closeby do you all know it that’s true Jim when you reach level five and have joins team Balor team mystic or team instinct why would you you’re probably eager to take down a rival Jim. the pitcher is almost done. assuming your Pokemon aren’t ready for the big league there is a way to claim a gym without even battling when in Jim’s prestige points drop to absolute zero, it will become a neutral white area if you’re quick enough you can poach the Jim for your team and add your strongest Pokemon. so this is pewter Jim alright then while. this might be easier than leveling up and battling some trainers have argued that sniping neutral Jim’s isn’t fair at San Diego comic-con 2016 the antics CEO John Hanke promised to work towards ending Jim poaching. so if you want to do this don’t get too used to it you need to beat Jim trainers from different towns and get their badges as proof.

Number 5 Transfer your Pokemon. if you already have one Pidgey you’ll still want to capture several more. why because you can transfer extra Pokemon to Professor Willow in exchange for candy. how do you actually shine for your Pokemon click on them and go to the very bottom oh yeahit says transfer. each Pokemon has their own specific candy which goes towards leveling up and evolution so in a nutshell the more Pokemon you catch the more you can transfer the more Pokemon you transfer the more candy you’ll get more candy you get the closer your Pokemon comes to evolving area is and all of his glory caching Zubat after Zubat might sound like tedious work but it’ll pay off once you get that golbat. just try not to think about what happens to your transferred pokemon, or what that candy is made out of. Wow this took a dark turn and there we go says that transverse axis you got a coin.

Number 4 Look out for size and color of target circles. the caching system in Pokemon go may seem elementary compared to the other games in the franchise but there’s actually a fair deal of strategy involved.when you touch a pokeball a color-coded circle will appear around the Pokemon either looking at green, means it’s easy to catch yellow means it’s harder to catch and red means it’s time to break out a master ball. to increase your odds of capturing a Pokemon you’ll want to wait for the circle to shrink down. the smaller the ring is the more likely the Pokemon will remain in the pokeball and trust us nothing is more frustrating than wasting precious pokeballs. speaking of which come on come on no oh my gosh okay hit we’re good good who got gored I’d miss

Number 3, Throwing pokeballs. even if you’ve just encountered a low-level Pokemon, they’re still an art to capturing it perhaps the most challenging part of the game is learning how to throw pokeballs the right way for starters we’d suggest flicking the pokeball towards the middle of the screen to ensure that you’ll hit your target. no I’m terrible at this man look at that point fool with that sad Pokemon. don’t always stand still they can dodge throws making timing a crucial factor. so wait for a Pokemon to perform a dodged move and then swiftly toss your pokeball. learning how to throw a spin ball can additionally earn a trainer more experience points. you see there’s a lot more to this game than simply waving your finger. come on Charmander welcome to the group.

Number 2, Turn off AR while catching pokémon. turning augmented-reality off will improve how efficiently you catch pokemon. the same Pokemon are always placed in the same location. utilizing your mobile devices camera and GPS this augmented reality game makes it seem as if pokemon have really taken over our world. this has made leeway for countless awesome photos but when it comes to actually capturing a lot of Pokemon it’s best to turn off the games AR feature. this will position the Pokemon right in the center of your screen and you don’t have to point it anything making it much easier to catch. so turn off your augmented reality. it will save you a battery and your pokeballs plus augmented reality or AR drains your battery so much faster speaking of which pick yourself up a portable phone charger if you’re going on a long hunt after all getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone is a recipe for trouble. before we get to our topic here are a few honorable mentions. a lot of people are like hey you know this is a pay2win app well actually when you run out of pokeballs you you you don’t really actually run out of pokeballs if you drive around.

Number 1, You can get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. but believe me I’m ready for a Pokemon. if you grew up playing pokemon red and blue, you’re probably accustomed to starting with Bulbasaur Charmander or squirtle. if you want to follow in the footsteps of Ash Ketchum however a la pokemon yellow your heart is likely sad on starting with good old Pikachu. in that case as soon is to start the game for the first time run away from the three starters that show up at the beginning of the game, although these Pokemon will follow you for a while a certain electric mouse is bound to eventually pop up. it’s too bad this trick wasn’t public knowledge when Pokemon go was initially launched. nevertheless at least you future trainers can begin their Pokemon journey by saying Pikachu I choose you. So do you agree with our tips what other tips would you give to would-be trainers. be sure to keep your head up when you’re out there and for more great top 10s and great content published every day be sure to subscribe.



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