Top 5 Myths in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO myth

Today we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 myths in Pokemon go. it’s not so many people know what’s true or false in Pokemon go. let’s get right into. Number 5. Eevee evolves into whatever you want based upon its name.

Pokemon GO myth

One popular myth that I’ve been seeing lately is that in the Pokemon TV show there are a bunch of trainers named pyro Raynor and Sparky and they all had the three versions of the upgraded Eevee. obviously pyro had Flareon Raynor had Vaporeon and Sparky had Jolteon.

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Now the myth goes that if you changed the name to your Eevee right before you evolved it to one of those and then proceeded to evolve it it’ll automatically evolve into whichever one you chose. so for example if you renamed your Eevee pyro you get a flurry on 100%.

Unfortunately it’s obviously a myth as people have recorded themselves getting something else. but what’s really funny is that a lot of big youtubers got the one they wanted so that’s why so many people believed it.

Number 4. Some Pokemon are limited to continents. You heard that right in this myth apparently getting all 151 Pokemon in the game is going to be nearly impossible since some Pokemon can only be captured in certain continents.

This means that you could only catch far-fetched in Asia, Kangaskhan is only available in Australia poros which I actually have caught myself is available in North America which is actually where I live. And mr. mime is only available in Europe. you see the problem with this myth though is that my close friend is actually caught of tauros and he lives in Europe so this myth is once again debunked.

Number 3. Eevee evolves based on its moves. The first myth was telling everyone that Eevee evolve is based on its name which is clearly fake. but it seems a lot more reasonable that Eevee would evolve based upon its fighting moves that it has.

This would mean that if your Eevee could bodyslam its destined to become Jolteon, digg means you’d have a Flareon and if Evie had Swift you get a Vaporeon. once again there’s plenty of video evidence that shows people not getting the right of Eevee that they thought that they would get and therefore this rumor is simply a myth.

Number 2. The blue glow mystery. Some of your Pokemon have this like blue glow around it any other day I heard someone saying that this blue outer glow around your Pokemon means that when you evolve it it’ll have a much higher CP than one who doesn’t have that blue glow.

The problem with this myth is that if your Pokemon has a blue glow behind it it means that you just recently caught it. in no way is it special at all and if you don’t believe me you could actually check for yourself.

You can see your most recently caught Pokemon and they all should have a blue glow behind them. it’s a pretty simple explanation if you ask me. so before we get to the number one spot I actually want to throw in a quick honorable mention.

With all of these being completely fake I thought I’d put one on the list that is actually legit. so in Pokemon go you have to walk a certain distance to hatch eggs but for lazy people like myself it just isn’t convenient. so the myth is that you can hatch eggs without walking.

When people decided to start doing is finding ways to get around this. this video was posted where they have your phone on a turntable that can turn automatically, and for some reason Pokemon go registers this as you walking and it actually counts towards your egg. For ten minutes of doing it it gave them an extra point zero five kilometers. so you’re better off tying your phone to a ceiling fan like this guy.

Number 1. Mewtwo is in Pokemon go. click Lee is pretty bad on YouTube lately but lots of people have to do it just to compete on YouTube. so many youtubers upload videos saying catching Mewtwo on Pokemon go when a reality he’s actually not in the game.

One guy even went as far to edit Mewtwo, so it looks like he was in the game and the video went completely viral. but it was obviously fake as the editing wasn’t that good. don’t fall for guys Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, ditto, Mew and Mewtwo are currently unavailable in Pokemon go.

Anyways that’s our list of the top 5 myths in Pokemon go. be sure to let us know in the comments section. Also if you haven’t already we’d recommend you subscribe so you never miss out on one of our articles.


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