Using Pokemon Go to Promote Fitness

pokemon go fitness

If you’re in the fitness niche, you might not expect a video game to be something you’d actively promote. Pokemon Go is a video game with a difference. It is literally designed to get people off their couches and out into their neighborhoods, capturing virtual Pokemon in an effort to be the best Pokemon trainers possible. Here are some ways you can cash in on the Pokemon Go craze in your fitness niche.

pokemon go fitness

Encourage your readers to ‘play’

The game itself is all about getting up and getting active, so encourage your readers to take the whole family out for a walk to catch some Pokemon! Walking is a great activity for the entire family and it’s easy enough for even couch potatoes to do. Using a hot new trend to promote fitness can help convert die-hard lazybones gamers into fitter, healthier followers.

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Even if you hate to exercise, you’ll probably enjoy Pokemon Go. The gaming aspect is so much fun that you forget you’re burning calories walking all over the place while trying to catch your Pokemon. As an authority in a fitness niche, encourage parents to sneak exercise into their families’ lives by using the game to get everyone moving.

Promote fitness equipment for walking

If you want to catch lots of Pokemon, you have to be ready to walk a LOT. Remind your followers that they need comfy walking shoes if they want to catch those sneaky Pokemon creatures. You can also promote pedometers, water bottles, and even hiking equipment for catching those Pokemon hiding on hiking trails or mountains.

There is no end to the number of physical products you can promote in relation to the Pokemon Go game, especially if you put a fitness slant on your promotions.

Promote healthy eating and drinking

If you’re walking all over town, you’ll have to remember to drink plenty of water and snack sensibly. Smart fitness marketers can suggest fitness snacks like energy bars and reusable water bottles to help players stay hydrated. Remember that players will want something lightweight and easy to carry, since they’ll be busy with their phones most of the time.

Waterproof phone covers are another great item to promote. You never know when you’ll be caught in the rain while trying to catch a Pokemon, so you’ll need to keep your phone safe.

Here are some examples of products on Amazon right now that you might promote to your followers who want to stay fit while playing Pokemon Go:®-Collapsible-Water-Bottle-Design/dp/B01DTGQIN4

Anything you would promote for outdoor fitness, particularly walking and hiking, use the popularity of Pokemon Go to promote them. Make it fun, offer practical tips for people who are new to walking or who need tips on easing into the activity, and you’ll develop firm followers from the Pokemon community.


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