Woman Fined $ 203 for catching pokemon

Woman Fined $ 203

Pokemon go news. A woman in Canada charged a penalty of US $203  as a result of playing Pokemon Go while driving. The 21-year-old woman had to pay a fine after his actions nearly caused an accident at a refueling point.

Woman Fined $ 203

reported from Cbc.ca page, Friday (08/12/2016), after being laid by the police, the woman claimed that the driver’s behavior is reckless because he was too focused on playing Pokemon Go. He also was surprised because they thought that it was permissible.

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He was then taken to the police station for questioning on the action taken.

Not only women in the area of Manitoba, Canada, were fined due to play Pokemon Go. Another report says that it is also often the case.

In Taiwan, for example. According to a local police report, since it was released some time ago already 349 cases of speeding tickets issued by the authorities.

Most of these fines is given to the people who play Pokemon Go when driving. Usually they use the motor while chasing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go game is phenomenal. Based augmented reality, Pokemon Go players are invited to control the lives of the trainer. Not surprisingly, many agencies in some states prohibit play games.


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